Friday, 27 March 2009

Belated Ostara Blessings.

Better late than never I guess. It has been a busy week all in all, I made hot cross buns for the first time ever last Friday, and while they were delicious they didn't really rise and go light, fluffy and bun-like as I was expecting, still everyone enjoyed them which is the main thing.
Beth is now at an age where she is very inquisitive, and it has been lovely as I have been able to explain to her a little about the season and get her more consciously involved in some spring activities, to welcome the new life and light to the world again. We painted eggs together which was great fun, not to mention a great big mess:

There are three more sitting on my spring altar in the kitchen, and another that I used for a happy home spell, making 10 in total! It took me 2 weeks to get through enough eggs to have plenty to paint and in my wisdom, I decided I wanted them to be blown, which was actually really hard work, although that said it is one of those things that the more you do the better you seem to get at it. Beth even named them all and we had a chat about eggs, what they are, and what comes out of them, she even surprised me with her knowledge!

What I love about this season is how our garden just seems to burst full of life all of a sudden. The birds return, the tree starts budding and soon it will grow blossom. The roses and laveder are all growing once more and in a few months I will have tons of herbs and flowers to harvest, which is good as I have run out of dried lavender since I made my last batch of lavender balm for Ethan's nappy rash.

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  1. Bless! Egg painting, must have been a right mess, lol! They look lovely. Good to know you and yours are doing well. Enjoy springtime. xxx