Saturday, 7 March 2009

The New Book.

Shortly after my last post I decided it was high time I put to use the new leather journal I bought for my birthday, set aside ready to be my new 'Book of Shadows'. I had been organizing my thoughts and 10 years of spells recipes and ideas but was yet to actually start adding to it.

The book itself has 5 sections of different handmade papers, it is about A5 size and holds itself open (something which my last book didn't do and I found really annoying. It is bound but remains quite pliable, and though I cannot add and remove pages, which would be a bonus, it feels like the book for me. I am not one of those witches who can work out of folders, for me a BOS has to be a proper book, written by hand and full of as many images and collections as words... I am after all an artist!

I had forgotten how working in such a book could really awaken your spiritual side, inspiration has been pouring into me since I began working with it, not just inspiration for the book itself but also for my hedgewitch arts and crafts business, which has been on hold like many other things during my pregnancy. I had begun to wonder if it really was the right path for me to follow, after all it doesn't make much money, but I have realised that that is not what I am doing it for. I love creating things for people, and as much as they like and appreciate my creativity, effort and work these things themselves benefit my soul.

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