Friday, 27 March 2009

Some Of My Paintings.

The first three, despite the photos being different sizes, are in fact paintings of the same size. There are 8 in total, 6 of which interlock when displayed together creating a larger abstract piece. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the others, as they have been spread far and wide and one has perished in a house fire :(

I really must also apologize for the poor quality of the photos, they were taken a while back and to be frank, not very well, but you get the idea. I did have some pictures of the set of six installed in an exhibition, but the faeries seem to have made off with those...


  1. I am sorry to say that the painting that perished had been a gift to me. It was beautiful and my personal favourite of the collection. I only hope one day Michel will be able to give me another painting that hopefully will stay with me forever.

  2. Michel...
    I have just been looking through some of your older posts...these are stunning!
    The colours are so vivid...I bet they looked fantastic when displayed together.
    Sad about the one in the fire though...

  3. Thankyou, I love to paint. I think of my work as energy paintings as I draw on my psychic senses to feel energy then let it express itself through colour and marks. I'm glad you like them :)