Monday, 27 April 2009

Beltane Preparations

I don't know why but whenever I intend to go to the garden center, it rains!? Today it rains and I plan to go to the garden's only round the corner from my house but still, it is never sunny when I go.

The plan is to see if I can buy one of the bird houses I saw a few months ago, which are like more 'open' looking houses so that I can make a faery house for Beltane and the summer faery season. I thought my daughter in particular would love to make her own too as she is obsessed with all things fey.

They have been a part of my life since I was a child and recognized my first 'imaginary friend', an earth spirit who has and still is my most opinionated guide. I always like to honour the little folke at this time of year and thought I would do something a bit different this time. I had the idea for the project in the autumn but knew that it was something meant to be done at this time, so with any luck I will be able to get hold of the wooden birds house that I want so the house can go outside. If not I may have to improvise and build something out of the multitude of match boxes and toilet roll tubes I have lying around awaiting just such a project...we shall see, the only downside to this would be that it would need to stay indoors, but then perhaps it would be pleasing to the little guys that play havoc around and inside my house instead :)

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog and really enjoyed reading through it!