Thursday, 23 April 2009

Eco-Friend or Foe?

For me, being environmentally conscious has always been a priority, before it was the done thing and before I became outwardly pagan, I believe it is important to look after mother earth in any ways that we possibly can. Unfortunately I feel many people don't want to put in any effort. It is not always easy, but as a mum I want to do my bit for my children, grandchildren and so on, who have to deal with the repurcussions of all our actions towards the Earth.

I recycle and buy recycled materials, I try to grow my own, compost our food waste and buy locally where I can, I use eco-friendly washing up liquid and washing tablets while making my own environmentally friendly cleaners, air-sprays etc. My children have all worn washable nappies and liners and where possible I use water and wash cloths made out of old sheets to clean their bums instead of wet wipes. We don't leave things on standby and neither myself or my husband own a car or drive. I also reuse as much as possible, turning old clothes and objects that may otherwise fill landfill sites into bags, new clothes and works of art, or take them to a charity shop.

Someone once said to me, what's the point? Why bother when so many people don't? I know what they meant, why put in the work when your efforts are only a tiny drop in the ocean of pollution and chaos that we as a race have been subjecting our surroundings to. Why indeed? Because the ocean is made up of tiny drops, each as important as the next. Without the efforts of one, how can anyone else be expected to least I know that I can sleep at night without feeling guilty about what I am doing to the planet, which is, in my view, a living spiritual being in itself. I would never stand and abuse another person or animal in any way so why do it to the plants and spirit of where we live for this space in time.

As a race we seem are taught that we own the earth, that it is ours to do with as we please, it is not. We have come to grow and flourish here in a way that has become detrimental to the very life force that allows us to be here, that sustains us and we must not lose sight of our place within the universe, as equals to all other living things.

There is a view expressed in the animated film 'Bee Movie' that I find most fitting for this topic. That is what makes our life any more valuable than any other life? Who is to say what other life is capable of feeling? I think this can be applied to not only animals, insects, fish and reptiles etc. but also to plants and stones, soil and sea, which all beat with the same heart and energy of the universe that we do. So let's try to keep it as healthy as possible, giving ourselves roles as a valuable part of it's environment instead of trying to suck it dry like parasites.

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23/04/09 post - "Earth Day"

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  1. Lovely writing! Thanks for stopping by the blog to share your thoughts with us!