Friday, 3 April 2009

Finally Able to Continue...

After having such a rough second pregnancy last year, and as a result a rather unproductive time I am glad to say that things are really begining to pick up now. It's amazing how finding myself more spiritually again impacts on my creativity and motivation.
Last year I set out on the journey of making my own runes stones, something which I found incredibly enlightening and special. After months of work and effort I just didn't have the will to use them until now. As you can see from the pictures below it was both a lot of work but very rewarding:

(above) made from a fallen hawthorn branch that I found between three Hawthorn trees on an excursion with the intention to find wood for the runes, this is how they looked once they had been cut and lightly sanded. At first I was disappointed that the darker bark had chipped away so I sanded the edges and am now far more pleased with them as they have taken on an aged quality.

(above) my intention had been to paint the symbols on in red once they had been carved but my gut told me to use ink. Obviously the ink soaked into the wood just on the one side (the underside is still the woods natural colour), they in fact throughout the making seemed to have a mind of their own as far as what they wanted to look like was concerned. I then used black acryllic paint to colour the carved symbols. They are photographed on a natural linen rune cloth that I made for castings.

(above) finally I made a pouch to keep them in out of the same linen as the cloth with red pull strings decorated with beads and little mushroom charms.

I figured that the best way to get used to them is to start using them, picking one a day and meditating on it's symbol and meaning, so that's what I have started doing, handling them and using them.

Since I started this a couple of days ago I have been eager to start painting again, I have had so many ideas it is unreal and I just can't wait to get my equipment back to the house (it's in a makeshift studio at the mo, which is completely unpractical to use now with a baby in tow) so that I can start painting again. My paintings are always very intuitive and come from my spirit, they represent what my soul wants to convey at the time and I am thoroughly looking forward to really allowing it to say what it wants to the world.

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