Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Latest

First off here are some front and back pictures of the bag I made a few weeks ago. The dungarees didn't fit me around the top any more, though the bottom part did so I separated the two so I could wear the trousers separately and used the top to create this bag. The front has tons of small pockets that I use all the time, while the bag itself has two large compartments.

The purple band at the bottom is the bottom of the largest compartment and (when not laid flat as in this pic) can't really be seen. I also added a pink, purple, black and silver handmade bag charm to one of the buckles.

Let's just say I hate waste, if I can find a new use for something then I would much rather do that then throw it away.

As for my's the latest:
Last night I added to the sleeves, lenthening them and pronouncing the drape in them:

I also sewed the new panels onto the dress sleeves ready to add new taffeta panels and trim to the rest of the dress, which I think will be the most difficult part of the whole process.

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