Saturday, 30 May 2009

Craft of the Wild Witch

Over the course of my journey so far I have read many pagan, wiccan and witchcraft related books. Some I have learnt from, some I have thought were utter tosh, and many were disappointingly similar to hundreds of others. I dare say that I will also read many more in the coming years, but the one thing that I can say for all of the books I have read is that they have taught me something about myself. Even the books I have really disliked have shown me, without a shadow of a doubt, what I don't believe and agree with.
Books have an amazing way of delivering both informative and useful things and evoking in us strong feelings and forcing us to question ourselves and our system of beliefs. As someone who has studied and read A LOT about religion and philosophy I love this aspect of books, I love to be challenged mentally and have found my system of beliefs has grown stronger and more developed as a result.
There is one book, however, that has had a greater impact on me than any other. It is one that I acquired fairly recently compared to most of my books, but the second I started reading it, it felt like I was welcoming back an old friend into my life. Many of the commercial books I have read, even those written for a solitary worker, are often written from a more wiccan point of view. And while I do not have an issue with this, I have always known that this is not the route for me. So I have learnt my craft from my guides, my intuition and myself, often coming under scrutiny and finding prejudices that state I cannot be a true witch if I am a) not tutored by another or b) not born into an hereditary line of witches. Then I found "Craft of the Wild Witch" by Poppy Palin and it restored my confidence in my methods and direction. It focused me once again after a considerable amount of 'thinking time' and since reading it both my craft and my power (which, in my view ultimately stems from confidence and intent) have never been stronger. It is a book I would heartily recommend to anyone interested in/practicing natural witchcraft, looking for something different, individual and non-wiccan.

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  1. Sounds like a good book. Might have to borrow a copy sometime.... ;)

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