Friday, 8 May 2009

Divination - Voice of The Soul.

Over the years I have tried many forms of divination, cards, scrying, pendulums - pretty much anything I could get my hands on and my preferences have changed as I have changed and developed.

I used to use the tarot a lot and made many accurate readings for both myself and my friends, however, over the last year or so I have felt the imagery seems almost dead to me. It doesn't speak to me as it did before and even though I have been using it for 8-9 years. Instead now I have found the runes have been calling me and since making my own set, which took a good while and a lot of personal effort, they feel like a part of me (pictures here). Something which I never felt with my tarot cards in the same way. I would definitely recommend that if you are 'into' runes it is well worth making your own set out of wood (it's hugely satisfying and you really connect with the energy behind each symbol). I also use oracle cards, the deck I have had the longest is my 'Good Witch, Bad Witch' deck and I have had a lot of success with these, more recently I have acquired the 'Green Man Tree Oracle' cards and I am still getting used to these. Interestingly it was connecting with my runes that led me to discover this deck and they evoke strong feelings in me when I work with them.

I think the most important thing, with any form of divination, and which took me a good long while to realise, is not to try to 'learn' their meanings, as a tool that is right for you will speak very individually to you. It is hard and a little scary at first to set aside that book that comes with a divination set, but ultimately a reading is far more successful if it is intuitive. But where does this information come from? In my view, when using a tool for divination you are using it to connect to your higher-self/soul. Opening up a your psychic channel, which in turn I have found then comes more in to play throughout your everyday life as well. In practicing divination in many forms I have found my spiritual voice coming through daily for both regular more mundane reasons and when I have been working the craft (creating spells or recipes), even with my creativity as it inspires and guides my work. I can truthfully say that whenever I recognize that voice it is always right and always voicing what is best for me, even if I don't want to admit it at the time, and believe me I have made the mistake of ignoring it's advice before.

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  1. Lovely post! I am glad you came by Pagan Blog Prompts today and shared your link - it's nice to hear from someone who has tried many forms of divination and learned valuable lessons about the process, as well as themselves, through it.