Saturday, 2 May 2009

Faery House

As planned I went to the garden center - in the rain - and bought some bird houses. The one I had originally seen was there, though a little expensive for my meager finances, so I settled on these ones, which were both cheaper and I think a bit nicer looking as they are a bit more natural. The next question was how to open them up a little. The rectangular one was a no go, due to the way it had been put together so I have put it up in the ivy in the garden, where I know a lot of birds nest every year.

The round one was a different story as I managed to remove the two panels that made the wholed entrance so that I could access the inside. I then took the small circular wood perch that was fixed to these panels and attached it to the middle of the inside to make a little table.

So what would be the best 'furniture' to go inside? There isn't much space in there so I made little cushions from fabric scraps I had, stuffing them with a mixture of herbs that the fey like. A small rose quartz crystal and a diddy little wall hanging made out of a pressed jasmine flower and leaf and some of my homemade paper and voila, interior decor faery style.
I also made some silk taffeta curtains that, when undone work like a door and used shiny sequin strings to hang from the roof, finally placing it in the long grasses at the foot of our tree.

Needless to say my daughter loves it, so much so that she decided to make a miniature letter to go inside for the faeries (that's the white mini envelope you can see in there). She drew some little pictures for them and I made the envelope and sealed it with a forget-me-not.

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