Monday, 4 May 2009

How does my garden grow?

Here we have some more spring pictures from our garden:

And these are my seeds, the three potted herbs were planted a couple of weeks ago while the small seedlings at the bottom were sown just a week ago. From left to right they are cucumber, tomato and lettuce.


  1. The blue flowers! Beautiful, what are they? I popped over from blogupp. I have a large yard with too many weeds. Or at least it seems more and more weeds with each year as I get older and find the work harder. I do love them though. Am about ready for what I call my purple phase. My dark double purple iris should be blooming soon and I have lots of them!

    Welcome mats out, hope you'll swing in for a visit.

    I have several blogs; but am leaving the url where your thumbnail was this am.

  2. Hi Sandy, and welcome. The blue flowers are blue bells, we get them in clusters every spring and each year they pop up in more places over our garden. I love them, they are even better when you see them in mass in the wild. They look like beautiful blue carpets across the floor of the woods. When I was younger I would visit my Grandparents and take a walk through the woods near their house and they were pretty spectacular when in bloom.

    I will pop over to your blog for a look around soon, please post some pics of your Iris' if you can, I love them they are so beautiful and have such a lovely deep colour :)