Thursday, 21 May 2009

Slacking Off

Well, it's been a hellish week all in all capped off with 2 migraines in 5 days and a general inability to shift the headache. All in all I have had little time to update my blog, but hopefully, now I'm feeling a little better things will be picking up again soon. I took some nice new garden picks to share with you all in the next day or so and I have been working on my dress for the last couple of days so will soon have some pics of that to share too. So it looks like I will be playing catch up as I have a few things to add including a fab recipe for homemade "playdough" :)

Fingers crossed the bunk beds are now due to arrive on Saturday morning - guaranteed (like we haven't heard that one already) and I'm going out with my hubby, for the first time since having baby number 2 in January, on Saturday evening. Mum's coming down to babysit and stay the night and we are going to a comedy night locally headlined by one of my favourite current comedians, Michael McIntyre, which should be a good evening out.

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