Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Teething Trouble

It's been a rough old day for us today, mainly because our little boy Ethan, whose 15 weeks old, has started teething :( He woke at 3:15am this morning and has been screaming in pain since, sleeping only when he has exhausted himself right out. Thankfully he has settled well to bed and with any luck we'll have a couple of better days ahead of us. I just hate that there is so little I can do to help him. Our daughter was never that aggro when her teeth were coming through....or at least she didn't 'complain' as much about it....looks like he is fitting well into his masculine role at an early age huh!? Joking aside though I hope that we have a better night tonight :)

On a lighter note I ordered a pair of fab purple Dr Martin Boots yesterday and I can't wait to get them. I love DMs, I had a black pair that I wore until they literally fell apart, and this time, short of finding a cow print pair I thought purple was the way to go. I will be posting a picture of them when they arrive, so all can bask in there purple leathery glory.....lol.


  1. i remember those days very well and i'll tell you a trick that worked for me. at least during the day. a cob from an ear of corn. i don't know if you can get corn there this time of year but maybe you can get it frozen. you shave the corn off and give the baby the cob. they are easy to hold on to because of the texture. they feel great on the little one's gums...again the texture. and they taste good. they naw on the cobs which don't break because they are so fat. it's worth a try and it sure worked for me.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I've tried pretty much everything else and so far nothing has worked but I'll definitely give it a go :)