Monday, 11 May 2009

Toby Cat

I had been reading a magazine that had an article on pets, our relationships to them and our spiritual connection with them and thought I would share the story of how my cat Toby came to our family. I have connected very deeply with my cat, I believe that it was the right time for me to take on an animal and that, when he came to us, he was just what we needed in our lives.

It was just over 3 years ago that I began having strange dreams about a tabby cat in need of help. Every night for a week I saw this cat in my mind sitting by our shed, looking thin and dirty and asking for help. Imagine my surprise then when I opened my front door to be greeted by that scene. It was as though I was dreaming again. This poor female cat came to me, I fed her and comforted her in her appalling state. She had no collar and very little energy, she had obviously not eaten in a long time, so we took her to our local vets. They checked her over and scanned for a microchip.....nothing, but they also couldn't take her in, so we decided to look after her for a little while. After bathing her for two days straight (which was a mission in itself), grooming her and feeding her she was finally looking better. We killed her fleas and gave her worming treatments and then we started to look for her owners. Three weeks later we had had no success.

We were just about to give up when, out of the blue we had a phone call from a woman who had by chance seen our ad in last weeks paper just as she was about to dispose of it. She had recently moved and the cat had been missing for nearly three months. She had assumed it dead until she had seen our ad. Needless to say the cat had become a part of our family, so I was upset to see her go. For a couple of nights I dreamed I was out walking around calling for her to come home. On the third night she came when I called her in my dream and told me that she was home now. She thanked me for my help and told me that there was another cat waiting for me, a black kitten called Toby. The next day we came across an ad for black kittens desperately in need of a home. One picked us from the off and he has been with us ever since.

Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences.

I believe that the first cat came to us to remind us what it is like to have an animal around the house again and prepare us for Toby's arrival. We hadn't had any pets in a long time after I was devastated that we had to rehome our last ones when we lost our home and I had not wanted to get any more in case it happened again, even though I love cats and have always owned them or had them around me. Now, I wouldn't be without Toby. He comforts me when I am sad or unwell.....he was practically joined to me while I was pregnant with Ethan last year and when he wasn't with me he was out hunting bringing back birds and mice that he would carefully lay at my feet in the mornings. In my mind he's my cat and in his mind I'm his human :)

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