Sunday, 14 June 2009

Weekly Wisdom

If life gives you lemons
make lemonade

We all have times in our lives when things go a little (or a lot) sour, one thing after another seem to send us spiralling downhill and it feels like life is out to get you. You start wondering "What have I done wrong" and just can't see the way out. But what I have learnt and what I believe is that these 'lemons' in life are sent to test us on our journey, they ultimately make us who we are, and in experiencing the negative we can appreciate the positive. Things will always get better but usually the universe needs to see you take some action to acheive this. Just as you need to back up a spell with positive action in the physical, to better your situation you often need to take some steps, no matter how small to turn those seemingly bad things into positives. These 'bad things', and I use the term loosely as a figure of speech as I think that things are generally not 'bad' as they all have a purpose on our path, can be turned into 'good things' and with a little effort often reap the biggest rewards.

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