Saturday, 6 June 2009

Psychic Overload

Is that even possible? It certainly feels like it at the moment as my sixth sense is working overtime. Don't get me wrong, I love being connected to it but this week in particular it is working in new ways. Is anyone else experiencing this at the moment?

I've always been able to communicate freely with my guides and higher self, I've always heard their voices, felt that familiar tug in my heart and had a pretty spot on intuition, but now I've started to have visions!? Nearly every day this week I've seen something which has happened later on that day. This has only ever happened to me once before and that was a precognitive dream that I had. These visions, however, have been just popping up during the day. Never about anything major, in fact at first I tried to dismiss them as wishful thinking, even though I know better than to do that but after the first one came true I noticed they all were :)

Also as a related event my creativity has skyrocketed this week, today in particular (probably down to the full moon) I have just had a mass of ideas, so much so I have had to carry around a pen and paper with me.

Best of all I feel really linked to the universal life force, it's strange isn't it, how some days you just can't escape that feeling of interconnectedness and knowing that no matter what happens it will all be alright in the end....

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