Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sacred Spaces

Another great topic from Sunfire, I guess I will share with you a little about my own 'sacred spaces' for I have many and they all have one thing in common that really makes them sacred.

First and foremost I guess is my kitchen, it is my main sacred space where I do all my spells, pray, bless, make and do. I have a large granite windowsill in here where my main altar is and all my witchy things in a huge double cupboard, plus another double cupboard of crafty things for the kitchen, like ingredients for candle, soap and paper making.

Then upstairs I have another altar, my faery altar. A space where I light a candle or two and meditate, consult my oracles and contact my guides.

Most powerfully I have my astral sacred space, which is really like an extension of myself, a place where I feel completely secure and at home, where I can request guidance, commune with the universe and deities or just go to recharge my spiritual AA's ;)

And finally is what I would deem to be the most important..... While it is all well and good and nice to have a beautiful altar physically in the room with you it is not what makes the space sacred, which brings me nicely to the sacred space that we all have. It's our transport in life and you may have often heard it regarded as "your temple", yep that's right, your body.
Whether you realize it or not, your body is your most sacred space. It houses your soul, your mind and your life and all too frequently comes under abuse. After all what's the point of having an altar if you have no physical self to use it? You make a space sacred with intent.

To anyone else my kitchen is well...just a kitchen, but to me, when I am in it it is an expression of my life as a witch, where I create and craft, work spells and a little homespun magick where many others would set out a ritual at a designated altar. Plus, experience has taught me that all you really need to create sacred space is within you; a simple circle casting with the mind or a journey inwards to your inner temple (which can be anything you want it to be, there are no limitations as there are in the physical) and your good to go. So throw away the view of the materials, rituals and recommendations in the books that are all too often seen as "necessary" for the craft, and embrace the only thing you really need.....YOURSELF, that way your sacred space can go anywhere and everywhere with you with no baggage of it's own.

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4/06/09 post - Sacred Space


  1. The body as a sacred space! Yes!!!

  2. Great post - I understand the body being sacred, but I guess I never associated it with Sacred Space. Thanks for joining us this week at Pagan Blog Prompts.