Monday, 1 June 2009

Summer Pot Pourri

To celebrate the arrival of summer I decided to make a summertime pot pourri today for our front room mixing mixed rose petals, calendula petals, slices of dried lemon and orange along with some rind of each and a few drops of orange oil. Bursting with colour and fresh scent I love how the lemon and orange slices evoke feelings of the sun's growing strength.

I have a special large dark wooden bowl that I use for decorating our dining table with some seasonal decorations whether it be pot pourri, baubles, trinkets, candles, fruit and veg or whatever I am inspired to put in there at the time. Doing this really gets me reflecting on the seasons, weather and natural world both while I'm doing it and during my day to day life, reminding me, even on the stressful not so nice days, that there is a whole world bursting with colour, warmth, scent and life just outside my doors.

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