Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Butterfly

As you can't escaped to have noticed, if you read this blog regularly, I have been having a very tough time of things at the moment, instead of getting better things have been progressing worse and worse. Negative energy seems to be swirling around me at a chaotic rate bringing bad luck and just generally bad things. Every time I think things are on the up they come crashing down again. As well as having some rather difficult personal issues to contend with, swine flu, the loss of loads of items as well as things being stolen, lying in my life, distrust and depression I also burnt myself really badly this week on the arm, and then yesterday I found that my bank account was under 'attack' too from fraud. Having got to a point of total loneliness and tears last night I decided that it was time to call out the big guns and bigger take action.

My first step today,which is what I wanted to share with you all, was to clean and rearrange my fey altar in my bedroom, where I sat and prayed long and hard for the strength, courage and peace that I so desperately need at the moment. I felt my guides and angels around me, all together, touching my heart and soul and immediately felt a bit lighter and happier in myself. I proceeded then to take an offering of some of the herbs from the altar out to the garden to scatter them below the tree there, where I feel a strong fey presence, and to give thanks for them listening. I turned to head back into the house then and was surrounded by five or six butterflies. The small ones flew away but the largest one, a gateway butterfly kept hovering around me. I lifted my hand and it rested on my palm and I nearly cried from the transfer of peace and energy that it gave me.

It was an answer to my prayers, a freely given sign that I have the help and assistance of the universal divine power in all it's forms, a real blessing which has given me peace, clarity and confidence in myself. I wanted to share this with you all to remind us all that, although we may not feel it at times, we are never alone and by asking for support from the universe we are given a simple, beautiful, personal sign. A reminder that we are a part of the whole, that good times follow bad and that without one we cannot have the other. Blessings x


  1. What a beautiful experience for you. I always wondered why I couldn't just have some giant "sign" drop in front of my face saying "everything's going to be fine." Looks like you got that sign!


  2. I'm glad to hear that you got your sign from above I too have been sending healing to you to help you through your time of difficulty.
    I love butterflies they are so beautiful and the perfect sign from above that your prayers have been heard.

    Much love to you sweetie.
    Pixie xxxxxxx

  3. Just to let you know I have an award for you on my blog - feel free to drop by and pick it up!