Monday, 3 August 2009

Gardening Update

It seems like such a long time ago that I planted these seeds to grow cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce leaves. While the varied array of the latter have pretty much come to an end now the cucumber and tomato plants are really coming on and I have, for the last week or so, finally been at a point where I'm starting to harvest them. The cucumbers especially are growing at a tremendous rate and I'm picking them every couple of days at the moment. I will most definitely have to start looking up some new cucumber recipes, else I'm never going to get through them all. If you know of any good ones please do share.

(above) The cucumber plants are on the left, the tomato plants are on the right.

I'm growing two types of tomatoes, a regular variety of cherry tomatoes and then the ones above which are called 'Sun Gold', they turn this beautiful orangey colour when they are ready and are the sweetest tomatoes I've ever had, really delicious. I owe my Grandad for giving me the two plants that I'm currently growing :)

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