Monday, 3 August 2009

Ivy Circlet

As promised I have a picture of the circlet I made the other night, one of the first things I've been really intent on making for a while, the first of many though I might add. It's made of craft ivy, wire, white craft roses and seed beads, which although not massively obvious, look really pretty when they catch the light. Modelled here by Beth, who has been trying to claim it as her very own fairy crown, it isn't a full circle so it fits adults and children really nicely and considering I haven't made anything like this before I think it's turned out really well.

Despite the fact that I still haven't had my painting stuff back I am anxious to get started again. I want to paint an abstract 'portrait' of my fey guide (I did paint a rather poor picture of one of his forms a while ago), but the other day I realized that I really wanted to try to capture his energy, rather than the form he takes around me. I'm getting so desperate to start this up that I will probably have to compromise and become a little more inventive to do this. I have got some acryllics I could use, though I infinitely prefer to use oils, and I acquired some thick rectangular whicker panels that I could probably make use of instead of my canvases. Hmmmm, it could work, with a bit of surface preparation, and the texture of the panels would certainly be interesting to work with.....

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