Monday, 3 August 2009

Spiritual Expression

I have always in my heart and soul been an artist, wanted to be an artist and have found peace from all creative pursuits, whether it be painting, sculpting, crafting, cross stitching, writing...anything goes. My beliefs and personal view of the world and vibrant energy around me inspires me to create.

Of course I, like anyone else, have moments of spiritual stand still. It's hard to describe as it's not a loss of belief but more like a hardening of the soul, where I feel stuck in a rut and find it difficult to see the divine and beauty and energy in life. This often becomes depression in me, which is difficult to deal with anyway without the seeming chasm between me and my soul. This always results in a creative stand still. Not only do I not feel motivated to create, but I don't hear my inner voice, my imagination becomes void and there is a big concrete wall up separating my day to day conscious self and my soul. It's a horrible feeling as allowing my creativity to take over and doing the things I love artistically brings me peace and perspective, so what can I do when that route is no longer open to me? I find myself looking for guidance, meditating and trying to bring down that concrete barrier over time only once it has been successfully removed can I return to some semblance of creative normality.

My spirituality is directly linked to my creativity, without one the other suffers, but when I'm balanced they both soar. It is obvious too in my work. Things that I create when I am spiritually aware have an 'aura of magick' about them, they draw people in and bring happiness. As a hedgewitch over the years I have learnt a lot and worked hard to exercise my psychic powers as an intrinsic part of my spiritual path, I have found that being psychic also comes from the imagination and creativity. They are one in the same, taking imagination to give voice to both my soul and my guides, and confidence and belief in my spiritual path to fully acknowledge and accept what I am being told. There are two things that therefore, I am absolutely sure of:

Imagination is the voice of the soul and creativity is pure spiritual expression.

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  1. hi...i just found your blog and really like it. i love how you did your lammas altar! you might want to check my blog out as well. recently i've posted a trip i took but if you click on witch collection in my sidebar you will see some really neat things.

  2. Great response to the prompt! Thanks for continuing to join us at Pagan Blog Prompts!

  3. My spirituality and my life are one in the same too. To even try to separate the two will case a state of sadness that I doubt I could handle, but I don't worry because I'll never try.

    This was a great post, thanks for sharing.