Saturday, 24 October 2009

Touched By Pagan Culture

This is a big thankyou to Magaly over at Pagan Culture for featuring me in her very first Touched By Pagan Culture a new feature to such a wonderful blog where every Saturday she will be showcasing and sharing inspiring and beautiful blogs.

Please show your support and find some new blogs to read by heading over and checking out Pagan Culture :) and who knows... you may become one of the future recipients of a Saturday spot at Pagan Culture and earn a place in the Eclectic Circle of Fame!

Blessings and many thanks to everyone who reads and comments on my blog, and of course to all the writers of the blogs I read in return. You all inspire me and make me think. I feel very blessed to have found so many talented people to share journeys with )O(

Friday, 23 October 2009

Feed The Birds

Don't forget that as winter fast approaches the birds need all the help they can get. The RSPB have launched a Feed The Birds campaign to get people helping our feathered friends. There are loads of day events scattered over the UK to inform and encourage people to make feeders and put up nesting boxes, as well as take steps to ensure the wellbeing of the other local wildlife you may find in your garden at this time of the year.

With the half term week next week and Samhain on the way there is no better time to get creating, with the kids if you have any, or just by yourself, to do something to help them out. Natural bird feeders are easy and fun to make... I'm going to do it with Beth one day next week so I'll post up some pictures and my favourite method soon :)

Check out the main RSPB information page for more details.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

First New Painting

This is it... painted in acryllics, because that's all I had access to and using a whicker panel, this is my first new painting. It is a representation of the energy of my fey guide, who I wrote briefly about in an earlier post. This is what he wanted me to paint and show him as.

Unfortunately I was incredibly limited as to my materials, even with my new canvases he insisted that I use this textured base for his portrait. I also did the whole base of the painting with my hands (I had no brushes at the time) which was an experience itself, particularly as my energy was flowing pretty ripely that day and therefore straight into my work.

As you can see I tend towards abstract work with my paintings, even those that have more substantial forms within them and I already know what my next subject is going to be :D

Friday, 16 October 2009

Painting Again!

Never has my urge to paint been so strong, but with the still missing art supplies it has been a massive stumbling block for me as I couldn't afford to buy any more... until today. I have been thinking about my absolute need to paint again at the moment, almost as if it were life and death. After yesterdays problems and then the guidance I received last night I have finally cut all the ties to the bad stuff and negative people that have been weighing me down.

The guilt and sadness I had been feeling lifted and my energy at the moment feels magnified beyond reason. So I asked for help to attain my need to paint, and lo and behold I was in town earlier and had the urge to visit a couple of miscellaneous shops that I don't usually go into and found some extremely cheap canvases just sitting there calling to me and a few other supplies... It's a long way off from my eisel, brushes and oil paints but it's a start and means that I can finally start creating once again :)

I will be sharing my new work with you all just as soon as it is done. Now I am going to go off and lose myself in my painting, I can wait no longer!

May you all be blessed with the power of your own creativity, however it represents itself in your life x

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Random Musings.

These last couple of weeks have been very busy for me what with one thing and another, and also a time where I have learnt so much about myself and my place in the world it's unreal. All of the events of this year, all of the problems I have had over the last few months and all of the stresses and tears shed seem to have been worth it. They seem to have made the way for what can only be described as what I believe has been meant to happen to me at this point in my life. A true milestone, if you like.

As is always the case for me at this time of year I have been the grateful reciprocant of new information... new and unexpected information, that has turned my world and perspective upside down. I am excited and expectant for the future even with the constant strains and stresses that are still going on... but now I have every confidence in my ability to cope, sit them out and move past them with the love and support of those around me.

I know, I know, I seem to be in a rather philosophical mood right now... this usually happens when I have a bad experience such as the one that came just a few short hours ago. What happened though, isn't important. After the tears, anger and the inevitable rant to someone... anyone who'll listen... comes a strange sort of melancholy where I assimilate the information. Certain people I know would call it me worrying (and you know who you are), but it's not, I 'digest' what has happened, make sense of it, plan my next move and then continue forward a little stronger than I was prior to the situation taking place, and believe me I've gained a whole lot of strength over this past year.

With the good comes bad, with the bad comes pain, with pain comes numbing, with numbing comes acceptance and with acceptance comes strength.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Folkestone (part 2)

So this is Kingsnorth Gardens, which is nestled between two main roads (though you wouldn't know it in there) and is just a couple of minutes around the road from my house. It's sectioned into three parts, a grassy area, a part with a willow tree surrounded by ornamental hedges and ponds and lastly a rose garden area filled with memorial benches. It is very peaceful and a few years ago I found a hidden surprise there which is pictured near the end :)

(below) Here he is, the surprise. Hidden out of view behind a load of bushes is this statue of Pan, I found it the first time I visited the gardens years ago, though it was a little less overgrown.

That's me in the last one. I tuned into some rather extreme energies while I was walking that day and ended up laying out on the grass in the sun for nearly an hour grounding and finding peace. It was a very beautiful Autumn day, warm, sunny and full of reminders as to why I love living somewhere like this.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Folkestone (part 1)

Here we have pictures showing the walk I took when I went to collect materials for my Mabon celebrations. I re-walked the same route as the other day to take these but there's two parts to it as I also went to a local public garden at the end. I'm going to add another post with the stuff from there...

(above) This one is taken from the same spot as the first, just zooming in on the Downs. When I have a sitter for the kids I intend to go up there again one day with my camera as it's a lovely varied walk with some nice views of the town, countryside, sea and on a clear day France.

(above) Here we have the tree where I found the pile of conkers. I specifically stopped here again and had a little clean around of the litter that had been dropped in thanks. The thick crease you can see in the centre of the trunk is where they were all stacked up on the ground when I returned.
(above) Not the best picture but I couldn't resist snapping one of this little guy as he dug around in the ground.

I have decided to do a bit of a thing where I take pictures of all my favourite places to go walking in Folkestone, so stay tuned for more glimpses into my home and the places I love to go.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award.

*clutches award to her chest and becomes emotional*

I would like to thank His Precious at Pagan In The Rough and Magaly over at Pagan Culture for awarding me this wonderful Kreativ Blogger Award, it is very much appreciated and I am finally getting around to passing it on and fulfilling the award 'rules' which are listed below:

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

Ok, so seven things about myself that no-one would really know *rubs chin and has a good old think*....

1. I have never been on a rollercoaster
2. My favourite 'Quality Street' are the toffee coins
3. I can usually smell rain before it hits
4. I absolutely hate clowns
5. I eat salt and shake crisps without the salt
6. I detest phoning people I don't know
7. I think that marshmallows are seriously underrated

Now for my seven nominations...These are a few of the blogs I find creatively inspiring, whether it be for their creations or writing. It never ceases to amze me how many wonderfully talented people there are out there so without further ado I pass this award onto:

Abigail Thomas
Dreaming, Daring and Doing
Eloise O'Hare
Hibiscus Moon
Pixie's Faerie Art
Confessions of a Compulsive Creator
Shady Hollow

A big thankyou to, not only those who sent me the award, but all my readers and fellow bloggers. You have encouraged me with your comments and inspired me with your own writing.

Love and light to you all x