Friday, 23 October 2009

Feed The Birds

Don't forget that as winter fast approaches the birds need all the help they can get. The RSPB have launched a Feed The Birds campaign to get people helping our feathered friends. There are loads of day events scattered over the UK to inform and encourage people to make feeders and put up nesting boxes, as well as take steps to ensure the wellbeing of the other local wildlife you may find in your garden at this time of the year.

With the half term week next week and Samhain on the way there is no better time to get creating, with the kids if you have any, or just by yourself, to do something to help them out. Natural bird feeders are easy and fun to make... I'm going to do it with Beth one day next week so I'll post up some pictures and my favourite method soon :)

Check out the main RSPB information page for more details.


  1. You know what? This might be what I need as a little pick me up. I'm going to the shore to feed the geese--I'm not supposed to, so don't tell lol. If I don't post in the next few days, I got arrested lol, so come and bail me out!

  2. This is a great thing to get the kids involved in too, thanks Michel.
    And Magaly, of course we'll bail you out!!!

  3. Thanks for the safety card Pixie lol.

    I'm here to tell Michel that she has been Touched by Pagan Culture Saturdays! Go take a look!

  4. OH ! I'm so glad you reminded me! I live between a river and a canal, and the bird life is very abundant here. I should have started with their little shelters long ago....
    Thanks for the reminder ! :)

  5. Heading out to stock up on seed. I think I still have a bit from last Winter. I feed the quail here - they are so sweet and fluffy with their Winter feathers!

  6. I dont have anywhere to feed birds and really :( there is too few birds in Malta but I love your idea!

  7. I shall add this to my craft list. :)