Tuesday, 20 October 2009

First New Painting

This is it... painted in acryllics, because that's all I had access to and using a whicker panel, this is my first new painting. It is a representation of the energy of my fey guide, who I wrote briefly about in an earlier post. This is what he wanted me to paint and show him as.

Unfortunately I was incredibly limited as to my materials, even with my new canvases he insisted that I use this textured base for his portrait. I also did the whole base of the painting with my hands (I had no brushes at the time) which was an experience itself, particularly as my energy was flowing pretty ripely that day and therefore straight into my work.

As you can see I tend towards abstract work with my paintings, even those that have more substantial forms within them and I already know what my next subject is going to be :D


  1. I love the colours you used! All with your hands? Wow! This is really great - I can't wait to see what you do with a paintbrush!

  2. Lovely :-)

    Yep I'm sure, the easel is yours if you want it. I've checked and I'm afraid I don't have the oils anymore - there are a couple of oil brushes though - not sure how good they are as they were just the ones that came with the easel and they're not the type of brush I use.

    Why don't you put a shout out on freecycle, you never know someone might have some oils they no longer want.

  3. It's stunning Michel, well done, I've never used acrylics thy give off great colour, it's truely amazing hun, well done xx

  4. I enjoy painting but havent quite done anything much for a long long time :) I love your abstract!

  5. The colors are totally enchanting.
    Love it!