Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Folkestone (part 2)

So this is Kingsnorth Gardens, which is nestled between two main roads (though you wouldn't know it in there) and is just a couple of minutes around the road from my house. It's sectioned into three parts, a grassy area, a part with a willow tree surrounded by ornamental hedges and ponds and lastly a rose garden area filled with memorial benches. It is very peaceful and a few years ago I found a hidden surprise there which is pictured near the end :)

(below) Here he is, the surprise. Hidden out of view behind a load of bushes is this statue of Pan, I found it the first time I visited the gardens years ago, though it was a little less overgrown.

That's me in the last one. I tuned into some rather extreme energies while I was walking that day and ended up laying out on the grass in the sun for nearly an hour grounding and finding peace. It was a very beautiful Autumn day, warm, sunny and full of reminders as to why I love living somewhere like this.


  1. I love the state of Pan! And the pond/pool is divine!

    Good grounding! LOL!

  2. What a beautiful place to be, and how lucky are you to find that great statue.
    I stopped by because I need your help. I have it on good authority (Rue) that you may have helped her figure out how to make a button for her blog. I have tried, and have looked for info online, but have had no luck. I am very handicapped when it comes to techno knowledge : /
    If you can point me in a direction as to how I can create a button - I would be forever endebted.

  3. look so tranquil...what beautiful photographs...and what a lovely place!

    Thanks for showing us your's nice to see how others find their grounding places.

    I like the photo of you bestest!

  4. What a gorgeous zen-like space!!!
    I love that a statue of Pan is placed there too, you lucky girl.

    BTW, you look so beautiful!


  5. *blushes* thankyou everyone... next I'm aiming for a walk along the seafront so stay tuned for that one :)

  6. I love your blog! you take us to such peaceful places! I'm going to post some of my beach walk.

  7. what a wonderful place to be able to walk in and have it so close to home. and you don't have to rake leaves or cut grass!

  8. Michelle -
    Thanks so much for helping me with the button ordeal. I think I got it - but I can't get the code box to appear beneath for those who wish to copy it... I guess it is a work in progress.. thank you for you guidance. :)