Friday, 16 October 2009

Painting Again!

Never has my urge to paint been so strong, but with the still missing art supplies it has been a massive stumbling block for me as I couldn't afford to buy any more... until today. I have been thinking about my absolute need to paint again at the moment, almost as if it were life and death. After yesterdays problems and then the guidance I received last night I have finally cut all the ties to the bad stuff and negative people that have been weighing me down.

The guilt and sadness I had been feeling lifted and my energy at the moment feels magnified beyond reason. So I asked for help to attain my need to paint, and lo and behold I was in town earlier and had the urge to visit a couple of miscellaneous shops that I don't usually go into and found some extremely cheap canvases just sitting there calling to me and a few other supplies... It's a long way off from my eisel, brushes and oil paints but it's a start and means that I can finally start creating once again :)

I will be sharing my new work with you all just as soon as it is done. Now I am going to go off and lose myself in my painting, I can wait no longer!

May you all be blessed with the power of your own creativity, however it represents itself in your life x


  1. If you're interested hon, I have a an easel I never use. Its suppose to be one of those field easels, that holds the paints etc in a drawer. It's not the most stable of easels but it does the job. If you'd like it, you're welcome to it.

    I prefer to use my donkey if I'm painting a larger canvas.. or if it's a small one then I just sit on my bed or at the table.

    I think, there might be the oil paints that came with it too. I can't use oil paints because the smell of them and turps gives me migraines - can't promise, I may have chucked them and they are (were?) only very small tubes.


  2. Really? That would be fantastic... are you sure? I've pretty much written off getting back all of my other supplies.

    I get migraines too, but I just can't not paint with oils... I love them too much :)

    Let me know if you have them and you really don't mind and I'll find/make you something in return.

  3. I can't wait to see your work! Good for you for letting the creativity flow. It's a wonderful thing to do!

  4. Awesome! I can't way to see what you've created. :)


  5. I'm sure whatever it is you paint, it will be beautiful, I can't wait to see.

    This was a good time for me to read this post, I will now go and do what I do to create, and that is to write.

  6. Michel...good for you girl...your talent should not be hidden in the shadows.
    I've just posted a very similar thing myself...must be something in the air...

  7. Hoping to see a posting of your new paintings soon!