Monday, 16 November 2009

New Moon Musings....

It's that time again! It's the new moon and this months 'idea' my end is to try to shift some more of this baby weight before the festive season arrives. I've still got a fair bit that I want to get rid of and today is the day that me and my mum arranged, a few weeks ago, to attempt it. We usually do these things together to motivate each other.... it worked last time before I fell pregnant with Ethan so here's hoping I'll have some success again. I will of course keep you all posted with how well, if at all it is going.


At this time of year I tend to make a few spiritual goals either on or just after Samhain, like your average New Years resolutions only they're based on my spiritual practices. I've been thinking about it for a few weeks but have finally found the motivation and clarification to organize my thoughts and set them. They may be learning/practicing a new type of divination or researching a particular pantheon of interest or completing a certain section in my BOS.... well you get the idea :)

This year I have three that I intend to work with... the first is to finish my healing course completely, which will hopefully be easily acheivable. I had to stop my studies and practicing while I was pregnant with Ethan as I was just so ill but finally over this last month (a good 20 months later) I've found things clicking into place and the course work I had outstanding for level 2 is nearly complete and ready for evaluation. Then next year I can really set to working on my Masters level and I don't want it to be hanging around waiting to finish like I had to for level 2.

My second is to make a real effort to use my oracle cards and runes more often. I used to use them all the time, the cards in particular, but I have been a bit lax with it of late and rather unhappily find myself getting a little disconnected with my beloved tools.

And the third is to push myself to continue practicing scrying with my crystal ball. Now this I really enjoyed doing as part of my meditation but I often found myself getting frustrated because it was always a bit ummm... temperamental. The long and short is that I'm not all that good at it, but then that's really because I don't/haven't been practicing much.... I have no-one to blame but myself. So following a good cleansing and attunement I have begun once more. My aim is to scry every dark moon, as I did last night... I have found that this seems to be my most receptive time and so far so good, I actually had some results yesterday :)

As you can see there is a main divinatory theme to my goals this year, I find that happens a lot. A couple of years ago it was a whole research theme where there were a couple of different areas I felt inexplicably drawn to collect information and images about. Last year started as a rest year which then turned into a spiritual social theme as I began blogging and connecting with new people, and indeed, felt drawn to do so.

Not all of them come to fruition, but usually at least one of mine does get completed. I often add or change them during the year, but it gives me something to work towards in my strange and rather persistant love of gaining knowledge and skills. It is one of the things I love so much about this path, the neverending stream of things to learn about both within and without myself.

So I ask you to think about your journey right now, is there something that seems to be calling you? A skill or theme you feel pulled to learn about? A deity you're being drawn to? An idea you can't shake from your mind because you're being called to it? If so why not make it your spiritual goal for the year and see how it changes and benefits your path...

Blessings x
Note: For anyone who's been trying to follow my Twitter link; it is now working again!


  1. Good for you Michele! On all counts.

    Weight is never an easy issue, but you seem to have plenty of motivation (unlike me) so I know you'll do just great - and with your mom as a partner.

    As for the course and divination - it's just a matter of setting aside the time - which isn't always easy. But if you can find that hour a day or 1/2 hour or whatever, you can accomplish so much as far as practice and study!

    Let us know how it's going!

  2. Michel,
    I really enjoy reading your blog and love your new goals! My new goal right now is to have passion for myself. I have passion for my kids, learning, etc. but not much passion for improving my body and soul, so I'm working on that and think it will make me a better spiritual mother in the long run!

  3. Yes at the moment am wanting to foxus more on yoga and my mama website in the hope to ctreate a local community of mothers (which is proving to be frustrating) but these are my goals at the moment :)

  4. You know, I dabble in divination and always LOVE it, but then push it to the back burner. I think maybe it is because I like to demand absolute quiet and plenty of time to fully unwind (and with 3 kids, that's very rare!). Maybe I just need to accept that if I have even 30 minutes after the kids go to sleep, that would be a wonderful time to even pull 1 card and meditate on it, or use my pendulum, or whatever. I don't need to demand the kind of atmosphere I'd like for a big to-do, now do I?! Thanks, I think I need to rededicate myself to divination as well, because I really love it and how it helps center me!

  5. I still have baby weight...and my 'baby' just turned 5 years old Monday. LOL

    So I say good for you for making an effort now.


  6. Thanks guys :)

    It's good to see that so many of you have your own goals to work towards over the next year. I always find that making them just gives me a bit of extra focus and 'push', particularly when I reach one of those inevitable slumps.

    @ Witchy Mom's Homeschool - I love divination too, it always brings me a lot of peace and happiness as I really connect deeply with my higher self when I do it. I know what you mean about wanting to set aside the time to really concentrate on each reading, but as you said, it's just not always practical with kiddies. Hopefully we will both find just a little time to get back into this part of our paths.