Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Out With The Old

I always have a bit of a declutter before the festiver season sets in, particularly as far as the kids toys are concerned. Beth's birthday is less than a week before Christmas so we have to make room for all the new stuff she alone is going to get. This year I've really felt the need to go a bit deeper. We as a family have been through a massively emotional time this year, and while things have pretty much righted themselves now I realized that really the house needs a bit of TLC too.

I think it's easy to forget how the energies of the houses we live in get affected by our day to day lives, particularly when a lot has been going on keeping us busy and leaving negative and emotional prints all over the place. Now in order to do this properly I have to clean from top to bottom and I'm not just talking about surface cleaning, but sorting out every cupboard, drawer, closet, nook and cranny too. I'm one of those people that can't just forget that the mess and disorganized clutter is there just because it's hidden away in a drawer or such (men seem to be much better at doing this :p) and I find that when there is this kind of a jumble all over the house my mind and life get a bit jumbled and unclear too.

So it began last Thursday and I finally finished up yesterday, all set to begin the spiritual cleaning soon. Yes it took me five days! to get through the house thoroughly, but already it feels so much better, even Beths room, which I haven't been able to actually traverse without tripping up or stepping on something and hurting myself in months, is tidy! I really should have taken some before and after pics... nevermind.

Side note here too: those queens of clean Kim and Aggie on How Clean is Your House came through again... How you may well ask? Well, quite a while ago I saw they recommended the use of cheap hairspray to get rid of crayon on the walls. Hairspray? I wondered, surely that won't work... up until recently I didn't have a reason to try it out, however, I discovered Beth has been practicing writing her numbers in blue crayon on her bedroom walls. It is a bugger to get that stuff off, so I resorted finally to the hairspray tip, and it only bloody worked! I couldn't believe it... so if you need to get rid of any crayon scribbling from your walls use cheap hairspray, just spray it on and use some tissue and a bit of elbow grease to rub it straight off.

Anyways, back to the point....

My nicely physically and energetically clean house will then be followed by a new protection and warding, all of which I have shamefully become lax with over the last few months, so it's really no wonder that it has taken us so long to get back on track is it...

I love so much connecting with the energies of my house and hearth, something that is such a big part of my practice as domestic witchcraft is so integral in my life. It is so important to nurture and create not just a physically healthy atmosphere but also a spiritually healthy atmosphere in the one place you should be able to relax, unwind and really be yourself.... your home.

Pay attention to doing this on a daily basis and things begin to just click into place. A simple prayer or a few minutes feeling for your hearth energies maybe accompanied by the lighting of a candle is all you need. Just connecting to those earthy home energies and firey hearth energies is always such a boost to me, it lifts my spirits, gives me energy and motivation to approach all the domestic jobs that all too often I don't really want to do and pummels me with creativity.

When you are spiritually sound and content life is so much happier all round and right now that is the place I find myself. Blessings x


  1. Yay for you on the cleaning spree I to declutter before xmas!!! I love this time of year! Good hint on the hairspray just passed it on to my friend whos little boys is having a field day round the walls of her house!!!

  2. I guess hairspray is also supposed to get pen off of a leather couch. It didn't work on mine but I don't know if it's the type of pen my daughter used or not. I love washable paint, crayons and pens but they seem to find the ones that don't wash off. :(

  3. I do that 2 times a year, in the spring and fall.... sometimes people forget the your house and rooms have a lot to do with how your feeling!

  4. My favorite tool for keeping the house safe, energetically, is the besom! I have one hanging above doors in nearly every room of my house.

  5. I tend to do the declutter/major cleaning thing in the spring...when it's warm enough to finally have yard sales. The rest of the year, stuff is piled up in my room awaiting the yard sale because I have no other place to put it all. Blah.

    Thanks for the tips!

  6. Congrats! and I will rejoice in the knowledge that your house is cleaned. Mine is it at the moment, my room is, but the rest of the house is chaos. I don't know what to do, but my little brother and my dad don't follow the rules. I spend the entire day cleaning and the house stays clean for about an hour, or for as long as they are gone. But hey, at least I say my prayers and try to keep things as mystically cleansed as possible.

    WOW! I didn't even know I needed to vent, I feel much better now. lol .