Monday, 21 December 2009

Birthday Girl!

The first event in our hectic festive week is Beth's Birthday on the 19th December. This year she turned five... Here she is, the birthday girl in her new red princess dress, which she got for her birthday and has now been wearing solidly for 3 days! :s You can probably guess from that fact that she loves it.

As is usually the case with kids birthdays it was stressful and quite frankly I was glad when it was over. The snow meant that my mum couldn't make it down as they were pretty much snowed in for the weekend in Maidstone, which was disappointing probably more so for me than Beth, but the main thing was that she had a really good day.


  1. She really is a Princess! Glad you shared her special day with us.

    Have a Blessed Yule.

  2. Awwww Happy Birthday to Beth :-)

    Love the dress, she looks beautiful in it.

  3. What a beautiful princess she is! She looks like she knows her way around candles too!

  4. She's so adorable! And I love her red princess dress. :)

    Happy belated 5th birthday to your darling girl!