Monday, 28 December 2009

The Lavender Fairy

You may remember that back in September I posted pictures of all my finished DMC Flower Fairies Cross Stitch Kits to date. I also had this one unfinished, and as you can see now she is finished... so I introduce to you the Lavender Fairy. I have a couple of charts for some more small fairies from the collection which I will do next year, but this one has been awaiting my attention for ages. Truth be told, I was putting off finishing it, mainly because I had so many french knots to add to the design, all the lavender flowers and the centre of her dress is made up of these:

Now as much of a fiddly pain in the ass they were to stitch I have to say that they do look really good and the end result is well worth the annoyance that I went through. Now I just need to find a set of different sized matching frames for all my fairies so I can display them as at the moment they are just in a big pile in my stitching box, which is such a waste, especially considering how much time and work went into making them.


  1. Amazing, it looks truely amaxzing, you have many talents my friend, thanks for sharing xx I think she's my favourite!

  2. it looks fantastic......guess it would be nice if i had the patience for them

  3. I love your lavender fairy. She looks so whimsicle and fun.

  4. That is exquisite!
    Really beautiful and worth the time and effort.


  5. Thanks guys, she's one of my favourites too along with the poppy fairy I did earlier :)