Friday, 29 January 2010

Birthday Boy!

The 20th of January brought along my little man's first birthday. Unfortunately I don't have a nice picture of him with his cake as he insisted on screaming through the event and writhing in his chair while Beth happily sat there, blew out the candle and devoured most of it. He was more content munching on this plain cracker, but hey ho... it was his birthday after all. Really the only reason we had a little party for Ethan was because of Beth and her insistance, Gods know he had no idea what was going on.

And here he is again playing on the floor. He has a developmental check in a couple of weeks which I'm actually quit worried about as he seems to be a bit of a late bloomer :s It doesn't bother me, but I dread the health visitor criticising my abilities as a mum or making out there's something wrong with my boy. I know my son just as I know my daughter and I'm certain there is nothing wrong, I hate to say it but he truely is just lazy. For example, he can sit up on his own, but he doesn't do it, instead he flings himself backwards on purpose to lay down. He's not crawling properly yet but does push himself around backwards and he won't even contemplate attempting to stand. Beth was walking around by now like a pro. I don't know, I'm told this can happen with boys and especially with second children and it is true that even when I tell her not to Beth does do a lot of stuff for him so he hasn't had to really try.

The good news is, however, that aside from when he's grumpy from teething he is happy, alert and very chatty mimicking the sounds I make and trying to copy some simple words when I talk to him. I think it's just me over worrying again as I've been a little down recently, stewing on the fact that I don't feel like I'm doing very well, even though I know in my heart I'm doing everything I can. It's just so damn hard day in day out on your own... I am in sore and desperate need for my holiday I think, a little time away for myself and my sanity is what I need for my body, mind and soul... Roll on February!


  1. I was worried for a while about Rye's speech, he seemed behind; but you know, now I can't get him to shut up!

    Ethan will get there in his own sweet time :-)

  2. hey our bots were born a day sweet to know :)dont worry drs are always saying something like that! mine did start to walk but he has no teeth at all:( but anyways children dont develop the same dr can tell you what the norm is but it doesnt mean he got probs :) whenever you need some talk just email me :) hugs

  3. Hello Sweet Michel~
    Happiest of Birthdays to both you and your Little Man! What a doll! (And yes...those 1st Birthday parties are so much more for us than for them! But what good fun memories&photos they produce.)

    I was thinking along, as I was reading about yor (VERY NORMAL) developemental worries about your son...the same thing- that you said later in the post- you smart Lady! But I will say it anyway...

    #1)YOU KNOW your boy best- (MUCH better than any Dr., not to knock the Pediatritians and all....but really...)and you would DEFINITELY KNOW if something was awry.

    #2) ALL kids develop at their own pace- some scooting but never sittng, (or like yours- scooting backwards! which is very common- it is actually easier for them); some skipping crawling all together to later one day get up and run...etc.

    #3) How so often (Especially with the boys for some reason)that our second- or youngest children often are 'Late Bloomers' because it is so much easier- and funner- to watch Mom,Dad,or Sis run to 'help' them, or give them what they want without making them 'ask' for it, etc.. (

    It takes much work on our part to break ourselves of those habits- I am STILL learning to sit on my hands and let them struggle it out- even tho it is so much 'easier' for me to do the job!)

    It's alot like the 'Drop It Game'....where they will drop something 80 gazillion times, just to watch us run to retreive it! HA!

    By my second one, I knew to tie every toy, Ba, or Binkie and whatnot onto the highchairs & strollers with clips or shoestrings, and 'taught' them to 'reel' it in for themselves. I made my own game out of it. (We Mamas must always stay 3 steps ahead of these rugrats!)

    So even though you are well ahead of the game- and simply doing the Mommy Worry Dance- I will give you your well deserved kudos, and a warm (cyber hug) from another Witchy Mom....who knows EXACTLY what you are goin thru.

    (- and sorry to dissapoint u love- but it doesn't end there- which I KNOW you already knew! I do the same thing nearly every night to myself as I worry if I am doing my very best, could I or should I be doing something 'different' or 'more'- or 'less'! LOL. And even though we know we are loving, caring, intellegent and intuitive Moms- and that (most) of the time are doing the very best we can- sometimes there are those days when we need to hear it from another.

    (And DAMN if our respective 'Men/Husbands/Children's Fathers' wouldn't do a better job of it! A BIG LOL on that one! Because if THAT were the case- we wouldn't have to be 'going it alone'! Except for those doing it alone by choice, not circumstance.

    Now I will pop on down to your lovely post about your Birthday goodies. (Lucky YOU!)

    ~Lots of blessings, light, love and support from Mama Nae! and the rest of my Little Tribe as well- Jeremiah & Makayla.

    (My Miss Red (DD Makayla) just LOVES your cross-stitched Fairies! I have been teaching her needle crafts (from the moment she could safely hold a needle!and before that it was threading shoelace thru cardboard to 'sew' like Mama!)- and she is currently working on her very 1st (real) cross stitch project- a small Ladybug in a heart frame. (I called dibs on her 1st finished project as a proud Crafty Mama!)
    She was quite inspired to know that with much patience & pratice that she may someday reach your level of skill and create such masterpeices!)Keep up your EXCELLENT work- those darn French Knots bug me as well!

  4. Loved the post about his birthday! My now 7 year old spent his 2nd birthday crying and screaming through the first half. Awww, the memories! Makes me laugh now, but he always did react differently than I expected him too. Have you read the book "leo the late bloomer"? Such a true message, your boy will bloom when it's time!

  5. You are a BRILLIANT MUM - & don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise!!!


  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys, after a teary (happy teary) moment while reading them I felt so much better and nowhere near as alone as I had been feeling... All of you are the reason I'm still blogging and all the support and kudos is well appreciated. Many blessings to you and yours xxx

  7. Happiest birthday to your boy! (Although a few days late - oops!) Of course he is wonderful, and will be running around before you know it - you'll wish you had him on the floor again! Hugs to you both.

  8. He's a beautiful little guy!

    Happy belated birthday to him!