Sunday, 31 January 2010

Gift From The Fey

If there's one thing I've learnt from working with Faeries over the years it is that they always make their presence known and felt when it is needed and/or least expected.

It was as I was reading my Faery Oracle cards and putting the finishing touches to a long awaited silk bag for them that a curious thing happened to me. Earlier today I had napped and dreamt of them and they chided me for my current less than playful mood and self-inflicted distance from their energy of late so I knew it was time to find peace and happiness with them once again.

As I returned to them through my cards and idle light hearted chatter from the comfort of my front room sofa, a single drop of water landed on the back of my wrist from above. I instinctively looked up expecting to see the start of a leak in the ceiling, but nothing was there. I cautiously sniffed the drop and was surprised to smell the scent of fresh spring flowers and grasses. A little taken aback I had the absolute urge to taste the drop. As I licked it from my wrist the sound of faery laughter rang in my mind, the water was sweet, it tasted like the drop of moisture you can get from a honeysuckle flower when they are freshly bloomed.

It was a gift from the Fey, an acknowledgement of my return to them and a welcome to a kindred spirit. So my dear friends remember this, the Faeries are all around us waiting for our playful acknowledgement and if we care to listen (for they do so love us to listen) they will show themselves with love and the bell like music of their laughter and song.


  1. wow interesting!! i like them, but i´m not feel ready yet to work with them!! you are blessing ^^

  2. what a beautiful,post :) thank you for sch an inspiration

  3. What a magickal gift you received! Thanks for sharing this with us - you put a smile on my face!

  4. Oh, you lucky girl! What a blessing.