Friday, 29 January 2010

Retail Therapy

Following the rather rubbishness that was my birthday, I decided a little retail therapy was in order with my birthday money. Now I'm not one for wandering round the shops, clothes shopping or generally browsing (unless we are talking about an inexhaustable amount of pagan and/or alternative shops), in fact it's safe to say I detest shopping, especially for clothes. Luckily I knew exactly what I wanted to buy with some of my money and it's something I've had my eye on for a while in a local crystal shop down here. With the kids off with their father for the day and my time my own I wandered in to find the item.

I had seen it a couple of weeks ago but didn't have the money to buy it. I had tried to put it to the back of my mind, thinking that if it was still there when I had the money it was meant to be mine, then as always with the 'spiritual' items I'm supposed to have I began feeling that indescribable pull to return and buy it. 'It' was this beautiful giant cast iron cauldron:
As you can see it's massive and extremely heavy, I've been after a large one for ages as I have a smaller one that I use all the time for burning spell papers in etc, it has been adequate, but I really need a bigger one... they cost a small fortune, however, so imagine my surprise when I find this one in a local shop for just £29.99! Needless to say, it is now mine :)
Before I bought it I felt another pull in the shop but couldn't distinguish what I was meant to be looking for so I started searching, following the tug on my heart until I found this in the counter display:

It is a Tibetan Singing Bowl, and just the other week I had been telling my partner how I'd been looking for the 'right one' for ages. I had wanted to buy a bell or something for space clearing and meditation but while I was healing last year felt a singing bowl would be better and very good for the energy healing work I do. Again though as I looked into purchasing one I found they were expensive and it never felt quite right. So here I found this one which is of a medium size with a cushion and it's box marked up at around £20. Knowing that this is 'the one' I decided to buy it too, only to find myself being given a further 20% off because of a slight bit of damage on the box, only further proving to me that it was meant to be.

This all worked to more than make up for my birthday blues. I usually find that the items I am supposed to have for my practice find me like this, I get a pull towards them that just means I can't not get them. They turn up in the most random of places when I'm not actively looking for them, but they just feel right... you know?


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  2. Ohhhh how lovely! I have a mediumish sized one that was bought for me from Boscastle and that cost £25! Real bargain you got there.

    I didn't realise there was a crystal shop down here... I've had a look in the alternative gift shop further on from the British Heart Foundation shop but I thought that was the only one left now...

  3. @Joxy - The place I go to is down the Old High Street. It's called Rainbow Bridge Crystals, I think, and it's great.. it sells crystals, altar items, smudge sticks, books, divination sets and all manner of things plus the woman who runs it is lovely and really friendly :)

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks, I'll go and have a nosey!

  5. Oh Lucky You! HAPPY SOLAR RETURN!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (And we are NOT getting older- we are getting wiser!)LOL! I'm telling myself tht too- because I too had a B-Day recently- on Yule actually...I'm a proud Solstice Baby!

    I have coveted that same Tibetian Singing Bowl in my one of my own local shops for years! (Actually- sice 12 years ago when I worked there myself! LOL) I cannot beleive what a deal you got on it! (Maybe you could pass along their URL if they have one- I would LOVE to order one...but 1st I must send you down to secretly dent all of the boxes. Sooo kidding! About the denting- not the URL.)

    And congrats on your new larger Cauldron upgrade. You will get plenty of good use outta that one!

    I too have been contemplating a larger one (with a lovely lid!) I haven't scoped them out too much online-but Man Oh Man- they are uber outrageously expensive in the shops. I have seen that very size for TRIPLE DIGITS! WT*?

    In fact- if I am not mistaken- I think I paid about $35 (US) for my little one, and that was with my employee discount! OY.

    I laughed when read about your 'buying process'- because mine is much the same. I rerely buy myself things anymore-'B.C.'
    Before Children, all my spare cash went to Witchy books, tools, crystals & candles-(those were still in the pre-historic-pre-intenet days!)- but now if I see something, I just admire, and keep going. THEN...if I cannot get the 'toy' out of my mind (aka I fantasize, covet or dream about it way too much!) I figure that the item is 'calling out' to me. Then I will usualy sell some books, or find an unexpected windfall that 'allows' me to buy the item guilt free- and knowing full well that it was meant for me.

    However...maybe the fact that all of my 'decent' shoes have broken, is a 'sign' that I NEED to purchase myself some new kicks. LOL. I too detest clothing shopping- UNLESS by some miracle I have 'enough mula' to make it seem okay to splurge on myself. And by splurging- that would be an under $10 blouse or a pair of cheapy jeans, etc.
    Since I have rambled (as I always do) I won't have time to make it to post a comment on the next post I was heading to- so I will put it here-
    ***NEVER feel bad about 'keeping up' wih the blogging back & forth thing (at least with me!)

    I too have been a bit faulty on returning all of the wonderfull blog love I have had bestowed upon me & my humble little blog- and I too have made it a major goal to keep up on my reading & commenting on my favorite blogs.

    Especially those blogs who are starting out- like I was recntly, or the few very wonderfull ones that faithfully crank out the posts, and unfortunately do not receive a single comment or hello for all of their hard & heartfull work. (That can be sooo discouraging!)

    I (like you) have decided to set aside a time and a system, to make a better attempt at not only keeping up on my blog(s) but also being a much better (&more consistent) blogging friend.

    It IS hard- all of this juggling Mommying, housework, spirituality, earning money to stay afloat, finding time for our hobbies, art & writing,etc., etc., etc.!!! Oh yeah- and the rest of our friends & family that exist in the 'real world'; not just our beloved cyber playground!

    So please- never feel obligated or bad (at least with me!) about any lapses in blogging OR commenting! I happen to LOVE your blog- and think you are a stellar Lady and am honored to have been lucky enough to make your aquaintance...and also LOVE every time you pop into Craftys for a Cuppa Coffee and a 'chat' with a friend.

    Love ya doll- Keep up your GREAT work- in all of your arenas! You are appreciated and adored for your Bloggy excellence!

    Brightest Blessings to you & yours-
    TGIF!!!& Happy Imbolc 2U & yours!!!
    ~Danae & my Little Crew,Makayla & JD

  6. Wow i wish one of those ^^ congratss

  7. @Joxy - I'm sure you'll find a ton of stuff you want to buy there, lol, I know I always do. Some of the stuff like the smudgesticks aren't on display so if you can't find something do ask as she may well have it behind the counter :)

    @Danae - ROFL, we'd be in trouble if we ever went shopping together then as we'd see loads we want but neither of us would buy anything and a couple of weeks later we'd have to go back to pick up the bits we'd been thinking about since last time! lol. Unfortunately the shop isn't online so I can't give you a URL and the bowl was the only one like it they had in the shop when I went there last :(

    @princess - thanks :)

  8. What a fabulous cauldron! I'm feeling
    envy, LOL!
    Happy belated birthday. May the year ahead
    be filled with magick!

  9. Love the purchases! I have a small singing bowl that I love, but still haven't found a proper cauldron, which doesn't help when I'm trying to have a Sabbat fire! I'll find one soon though, I'm sure!

  10. What wonderful purchases!
    And discounts! LOL

    Happy birthday to you, indeed. :)