Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow, snow...

...go away, come again another day (preferably AFTER next monday!)

Now normally the snow wouldn't bother me, in fact I would be one of the first to get excited and sit at my window just looking at the pretty white covering and how it so drastically changes the look of everything giving even the most mundane of objects a calm, magical look. Right at this moment in time, however, I would very much like it to go away.

You see I'm supposed to be going on a weekend break for my birthday on Saturday but if it stays like this it's pretty guaranteed that it won't be happening :( The first lot of snow we had before Christmas, though it didn't actually really hit us in Folkestone meant I couldn't have my pre-Christmas weekend break... and now, like a bad joke it is back just days before my next planned break! So I'm asking, hoping and praying that it will disappear so my babysitter can get down and so my partner can get here, pick me up and drive us to our surprise destination with minimal problems for a relaxing break... will it happen? Well if I'm online and updating my facebook and twitter status' in a foul mood you'll know it didn't.

That said, I can still appreciate the beauty of the weather. Having dropped Beth off at school this morning (yes her school was one of the few open ones around here much to her dismay), I found myself walking to one of the places I like to go to observe the seasons, it's an old church and graveyard in town that's just so peaceful and pretty it draws me there every now and then to view the first snowdrops and crocus' of Spring, the lush grass and brightness of Summer or the rich colours and activity in Autumn. One thing I had not seen until today was it covered in snow (we really don't get much snow like this down here, I've lived her 5 or 6 years now and it hasn't layed like this since I moved here) so I found myself there with my camera and barely enough battery life in there for these shots:

For those of you who have snow I hope it doesn't cause you too many problems and for those of you that have none... feel free to come and take some of mine :)
Blessings x


  1. I love the calmness of snow also... so peaceful.. yet it can be a bit of a bother when it comes when you do not necesarily want it.. the pictures are beautiful by the way....

  2. That is a pretty churchyard. I like the cemetery opposite Morrisons too.

    Suffice to say, I have one very happy little boy and just about managed to scrape enough snow to make a wee snowman.

    I do hope you get your break away.
    And we must get together soon, also so I can give you that easel :-)


  3. Wonderful shots! The church and graveyard looks magickal under all that white!

    I hope it melts in time for your break though.

    Happy (early) Birthday!

  4. Aww...I do hope you were able to get away for a couple days.

    I know how disappointing it can be to have to cancel plans due to weather.

    We have quite a bit of snow, but it hasn't been too bad, road-wise.


    p.s. Beautiful picture, btw.