Friday, 19 February 2010

Chalice Well Gardens

This was one of my favourite places to visit, and the photographs kinda speak for themselves. The Chalice Well Gardens span over 4 acres and even in February were very beautiful. A healing stream running from the Tor goes through here and the whole space is designed as a place for meditation, quiet reflection, prayer and healing. The energy here was powerful but very soothing and mellow, it would have been so very easy to spend a whole day here just lost in peace. There are focal points and shrines throughout the Gardens making for a beautiful, natural and highly spiritual experience. The photographs start at the bottom of the garden and work up, following the water source back to where it enters the gardens.

The design of this waterway at the very bottom of the gardens had the water moving around these kidney shaped bowls mimicing the motion of the tide as the water swirled down and around the bowl before pulling back into the centre and dropping down to the next level.

We think this is a covered well and is just on the higher ground above the previously pictured water feature. What is curious is the position of the structure, you can't really see it properly from here, but it is directly central in between these two ancient trees.

Further up the levels is this small waterfall which continues to the right into a healing pool that you can bathe in. The orange colouring of the waterway is made from natural deposits of iron present in the water, it has not been in this colour. The rusty hue really stands out drawing attention to the water and it's journey through the garden, I can only imagine what it would look like in the Summer, surrounded by the vibrant greens of full growth.

Dotted over the place were benches and little cubby holes, huts and swings with prayers and meditative phrases and inspirations within, each places off the main walkways and in view of the focal point of the part of the garden you are in.

This part of the stream is where you could sit and drink the healing waters. They were surprisingly warm, extremely clear and pure and you could really taste the high iron concentration (I think I could have really done with bottles of this stuff to drink during my last prtegnancy when I was diagnosed with Anaemia... it certainly would have beat the horrible iron tablets I had to take every day, and their side effects, lol).

The Holy Chalice Well

We were also lucky enough to spot this little fellow as we wandered quietly round... well technically my man found him, but I did snap this picture :)

This is the Gardens main shrine where you can light candles.

All in all, definitely worth a visit if you go to Glastonbury. The energy in the place was astounding and though it was a very cold day that we went it was very warm in the garden itself and peaceful. You could easily forget you were on a main road and near town as the sounds from outside the garden walls were just non-existent within.


  1. Oh waw! What at beautiful garden!
    I too would have need a bottle of this water to walk around at my previous pregnancy. You're pictures are so nice and well taken. thanks for showing us that!

  2. Wow, I wish to visit that garden someday ^^ I had heard before about this place, but I never saw a lots of pretty pictures!!!
    take care.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos. What an experience!

  4. What an AMAZING place.
    I'm in awe.
    And wanting to visit terribly.