Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Dreaded Check... and stuff :/

We had a lovely Imbolc, though I haven't had a chance to share since then. We really didn't get up to much though I did plant some herb seeds for my kitchen, which are sprouting nicely and of course I decorated my altar, which I think always looks so pretty at this time of the year with all the candles to make it shine :)

Then came the rest of the week... by last Friday (and if you're male you might not want to read on or just pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about) I hit my Moontime. Now my psychic tinglings have been working overtime these last couple of weeks, whether it was down to the full moon, the Sabbat, my awaiting period or a mixture of the three I don't know but it has been a little crazy. Of course now that my body has settled down from having Ethan I returned this month to migraine central having one Sunday night and one Monday afternoon. Even now I can feel it hasn't completely lifted and have been having to take it very slow.

This has been compounded by some news I received that stressed me out and of course that thing I had been dreading.... Ethan's developmental check. Yes, it was on Monday morning, smack bang in the middle of my two migraines so I was, as you can imagine, feeling pretty delicate anyway. By the time it was finished I really felt like I was doing a terrible job with him and I found myself crying on the way home. The long and short of it was that they told me they are concerned with his lack of mobility and the fact that he is 'underweight' for his height compared to what his birth weight was.... oh and that they'd be 'checking up on me'! Apparently I'm not feeding him enough! Even though I have to stop him from eating so he doesn't make himself sick! So now I've been told I have to get a doctor involved to make sure there's no underlying medical cause to his lack of weight. I'd just like to add tat this point that he's certainly not lacking in energy he just hasn't podged up like most kiddies his age. Just about the only saving grace was that I know I'm doing just what I did with my daughter and she turned out fine, but it was pretty downheartening to have two women telling me what I should be doing with my son like I have no idea and then looking at me like I'm a liar when I'm saying that I am doing all those things! Grrrr.... as you can see I've moved past the upset phase and into the angry phase!

And so we come to today, Wednesday *sighs* and I'm sitting here having been counting the sleeps until my holiday starts on Saturday for like the last two weeks (only 3 to go now!) and what do I see when I wake up this morning? Snow! SNOW! The last two times we've tried to go away - due to leave on the Saturday - the Wednesday prior has brought snow which has, for some reason, stopped us from going! I am assured that this time round, snow or no snow, I will get to go... and once again I must stress how badly I'm in need of this break before my head explodes from having to deal with both my own problems and those going on around me! So fingers crossed it will still go ahead, I'm charging my camera batteries eagerly so I can take plenty of pictures to share when I go, and I'm not taking "we can't go" as a viable response this weekend! Lol.


  1. My girls were tiny when they were little (both still under 5'2" one only 4'8" and the other insists she's 5'2" but she lies) and very thin no matter what they ate, so I got the same shit from the school and stuff!!!! Kids will develop as they want to, and nothing we do will make a difference..the doctor just laughed at the "school idiots" and said what I just said to you... so don't worry! BTW my son made it to 5'6" and still is skinny as a rail at 28!!!!

  2. I do hope you get to go. A nice get away would do wonders for the soul.

    I am sorry you had a terrible experience at the doctors. If the doctors make you feel that way maybe it is time to find a new doctor.

    If your son is eating enough or just isnt hungry, you need someone that is concerned about him and not trying to belittle your parenting.

    It took us several tries to find a doctor that wasnt just gloom and doom about my son's skin condition. Now, when I go in for skin check ups with him, I get praised for the job I am doing and get suggestions on ways to do even better.

    You really should leave the docto's office feeling a bit better or at least empowered to begin a new journey with your son with the guidnace of the professionals.

    Sending Bright blessings your way.

    Oh, do you think the doctor would be okay with giving your son something similar to what body builders use to bulk up? I think it might be a protein shake or something called weight gainer.

    I know my dad use to drink them because all the amles in my family are really under weight. It seemed to help.

    And now that I think about it... My brother eats like a horse and never seems to gain weight. Every time he goes to the doctor they tell him he needs to try to gain 30 pounds. He can eat tons of junk for a week to try to put on the weight and only gain a pund or two. I think some people are just made thin.

    I know you are doing all you can for your son. You're his mother and I relaly believe we sometimes know beter than the doctors how to care for our children.

    Good luck on your travles. I hope it is the restful experience you are needing.

  3. thankfully in malta developmental checks are not so formal and normally most take them at their personal doctor and if not like me i just ignore all they tell me cos i know my boy is fine and that not all children develop the same...sigh they do make me angry!

  4. Sorry to hear that the insensitive doctors/nurses upset you. I'm sure you are doing a wonderful job. You can't force a child to eat. He will be fine - he'll get a growth spurt in no time and eat you of house and home!

    Have a wonderful time on your break - can't wait to see the photos. Be safe!

  5. Oh, I feel you on this post! I too have suffered from migraines since I had my boy's and they are so debillitating! Good for you even making it to your son's docter appointment! I just cry thinking of all the time i've missed out on due to being home sick with migraines. I have to say I agree with the other comments in that, no matter what you do, kids grow the way they are supposed to! I have a cousin with two small girls. When the oldest was little she wasn't gaining enough weight according to the dr.'s and they recommended her to eat sticks of butter. Seriously, who is going to feed their kids (and their going to eat it) sticks of butter! By the way, she grow at her own pace and is completely fine!
    I also have a good girlfriend that raises her kids with the most healthiest, nutritous food and her dr.'s told her, when her kids were young, that they were overweight and she needed to stop feeding them junk food and soda. She told them that her kids NEVER ate that and they just looked at her like she was lying. Hello? When are dr.'s going to treat mom's like they actually know what their talking about! Good luck to you and I hope you get some time away!

  6. This is exactly what I hate about today's medical world.

    Doctors and nurses who are truly tactless, arrogant, and so hung up on pharmaceuticals that they forget about anything else.

    Try not to take it to heart. Doctors hate me and my husband too because we decided to stop vaccinating when Parker was diagnosed with autism and we discovered he was full of mercury and aluminum (which are also in vaccines...coincidenc? I think not.)

    Anyway, they're so brainwashed to believe vaccines are 'safe' that they've forgotten each immune system is created differently. What might be perfectly safe for one child, isn't safe for another.

    Same with weight and height.

    So try not to let this get you down. You know you're doing the best you can for your son.

    Big hugs to you!

  7. Oh, and I feel like I can say all these things because I'm an RN myself. I KNOW how these folks think. And it repulses me.