Saturday, 20 February 2010

Glastonbury Abbey

Ah... Glastonbury Abbey, other than Stonehenge this was the most 'touristy' place we visited. It is situated in the middle of town, the entrance being down the bottom of the main highstreet and like the Chalice well Gardens it is just hidden away. For such a big place you wouldn't even know it was there until you get in past the entrance building and are struck by clusters of stone and the surrounding massive green parklands.
Even though it's all in ruins the place and grounds are just immense and very peaceful. This is also another site where the two leylines cross and you can really feel the power eminating from the vacinity around the spot shown in the below picture. The large fenced off area visible is where the main altar was situated and roughly where the people closest are standing is the site where the bodies of Arthur and Guinevere were said to be buried. Between these two points is where the lines cross.

This smaller building is where the food was stored and prepared, there was a cool educational walkaroundy bit in here with examples of recipes that they would have eaten. This felt very familiar to me, the style of cooking and food available, as did the herb garden in the grounds... past life familiar? Possibly, it's hard to describe only that I felt like I had done it before, kind of like de-ja-vu I guess only not...

(above) the remains of another small chapel to the side of the main altar space.

There were remnants of wax and candles down by this pictured stone altar (above) when we went down there along with a sign. This area is obviously used for ceremonies and rites by those who gain 'written permission' from those who have guardianship over the whole site.

I always find it astounding to see the work and detail of the stonework that went into these places, even as ruins you can still appreciate and imagine the grandeur and beauty of the building and what it would have looked like in its prime.


  1. amazing, very cool! We don't have anything that old like that here in the States other than old Indian sites, which are completely different but full of energy in their way.

  2. Oh, how I want to visit these places....