Friday, 19 February 2010

Glastonbury High Street

The biggest thing I noticed when we ventured into the town after arriving on the Saturday afternoon was the energy. I later discovered that two ley lines, one 'male' and one 'female' run parallel here snaking and crisscrossing over each other in three points in this one area. Both myself and my partner are pretty sensitive to energies and it took us a good hour once we got back just to 'come down' from the spacey feeling from walking around the town. Needless to say it was easier to manage on subsequent trips out once we knew what to expect.

I didn't take any pictures in the town but have some links to weave into the mix to give you some more information about what was there. Other than the strange buzz of energy around the place the next most noticeable thing was the crazy number of witchy/pagan/new age shops that abounded. Practically every other store was one of these and those that weren't were all local run small businesses which was lovely. All the shop keepers obviously got on well together and it had a real community feel about it, like a village feel only on a slightly larger scale.

The main street was filled with little alleyways and crevaces of hidden shops and places to find. The windows and streets were lined with posters and advertisements for spiritual practices, healings, regressions, fayres and psychics among others. It was like walking into a spiritual magazine and there was just so much to take in I think I could have been there a good couple of weeks and still found new things to find.

Needless to say, with the type of shops alone, we were in our element and it was agreed that we wouldn't actually venture into the shops until we were closer to going home else we would have ended up spending a fortune between us. In the end we had two trips, scoping the shops out on the Monday and then returning on the Tuesday to actually buy anything we wanted, and I was very good, though I saw an astronomical amount that I wanted I only indulged on this beautiful fleecey jumper/coat which is knee length and has a fab pixie hood:

I could have quite happily bought one of everything from this shop as they had such brilliant clothing!

We also found a fabric shop and brought a metre of this lovely blue mottled velvet fabric so I can make my man a bag for his tarot cards. I'm not sure what I'll use the rest for yet, we'll see what I get inclined to do with it:

Within the town, through one of the little alleyways is a courtyard containing the Goddess Temple and an array of little shops; crystal and book shops and an alchemy store to name but a few. We visited the Temple, of course, though I have no photos to share, but it was very serene, a nice calming space designed for people to enter, sit at the altars in the thick haze of sweet incense burning within and commune with the Goddess. I always think it's a bit of a shame that there aren't usually God temples to visit, or even better a place balanced in it's male female energy. Of course I can understand that many on this path are more Goddess orientated, but sometimes it feels like the God gets a little left out when really this path is, at least to me, about balance.
Also in the middle of the town itself is St John's Church, a massive building that has a sort of Cathedral-esq look about it, what was curious about it was the little labyrith near the gate in the Church grounds. It wasn't easy to get a picture of it from the road that looked half decent so if you click here you will see this aerial view of it taken when it was first completed. I think it just illustrates how spiritually accepting and, for want of a better word and I don't mean this in a derrogatory sense, just strange and unique the place is.

I think this is the first town I visited that had no 'chavs' or 'teen hooligans' lurking around on the streets. Everyone was alternatively dressed, either goths, hippies or 'other' lol, so I felt very at home. And I am happy to say that the people of Glastonbury know the value of and share my enthusiasm for the colour purple! It was literally everywhere and we even saw a deep, fantastic, purple Beetle car!

Finally I'm going to add in this picture here too, technically it wasn't in the town it was just outside of it and down a little road. The people we were staying with were giving us directions for walking from the Torr into town on the 'scenic route' and mentioned these massive chimes outside a retreat nearby that you could set off on the way past. Being curious we decided to try and find them, it turns out they were big Tibetan Prayer Wheels and they looked really cool so we took a photo to share:

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  1. This definitely sounds like my kind of place. And your hoodie is BEAUTIFUL. Excellent choice.

    It would have been so hard for me to walk away from all those goodies.