Thursday, 18 February 2010


With Stonehenge visited and a previous stop for refreshments and toilet breaks at a service station we were off again. I find it very easy to 'zone out' when I travel so I really didn't have a clue where we were going, even though the sat nav was on with our destination on the screen and of course an abundance of road signs, that rather impressively I didn't look at, it wasn't until we neared the town and the imposing figure of the Tor that I was told that Glastonbury was our heading.

Having never been here before, or even close by I was intrigued to get a feel for the place myself having heard so much about it and knowing it's reputation as a 'spiritual hubb', though such places can be overhyped I knew it would be an interesting experience regardless.

The next mission, however, was finding the place we were staying... with the crazy sat nav lady telling us to turn here there and everywhere down ridiculously thin roads and lanes that were two way, but should probably have been one way and then telling us we had arrived when we blatantly hadn't it was a tad confusing but we got there eventually.

We stayed at Hillside which is a B&B with self contained accomodation to rent as well. It's run by a really friendly family who made us feel incredibly welcome, giving us a key to the main house as well as to our place. We rented the Hillside Flat which was ample room for the two of us and could be accessed through the main house or by it's own access round the side of the main house.

The main building is situated a short walk from the High Street (perhaps 10 minutes if you are walking at a leisurely pace), less than that to the Chalice Well Gardens and White Spring, and it is right at the base of the Tor, so a quick walk down the road and you are onto one of the footpaths that take you up there and give you access to the surrounding fields and scenic walks around the countryside and back into town.

We were self catering, though my mans computer know how and helpful nature in fixing the owners laptop scored us a free breakfast one morning, and boy was it a good breakfast! I could barely move after eating it but it was lovely :)

The couple were fantastic, offering us drinks when we went into the main house to visit, recommending places to visit, including the little known Stanton Drew Stone Circles and treating us like members of the family not just guests who are renting the flat in their property. As you can probably tell I cannot rate this place highly enough and would really recommend staying with them if you ever go to Glastonbury yourselves, you won't be disappointed :)

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  1. Wow. I can see why you loved this place. It's beautiful.