Saturday, 20 February 2010

White Spring

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of White Spring for two reasons, the first being that you are asked not to take any and the second being that even if we had been permitted to it was so dark in there it wouldn't have been worth it.

The White Spring is an old Victorian Reservoir that has been converted into a sacred temple space where the chalky water of the Tor flows through and is collected. It is the balance to the Chalice Well Gardens, the two positioned around the corner from each other one iron, one chalk... one 'male', one 'female'.

Walking in it took a while for my eyes to adjust to the depth of the dark. The room was relatively small and the sound of water flowing through was all encompassing and yet very relaxing. In the centre of the room was a large circular stone pool where you could get in and bathe. Water flowed down alleys in the stone floor and as you can imagine it was very slippery and wet footing.

The edges of the room were lit with candles, a rough guide to help you traverse the walkways around either side of the pool where there was rough seating and small shrines for prayer and meditation. To the left as you walk in the main entrance was a large board painting/picture of Brigid. As I'm writing this I'm actually looking for a copy of the picture that was in the shrine to link to and can't find one online. Strangely enough a couple of weeks before leaving I came across a picture of her that I used in my BOS when writing about Imbolc, I have just realised it is the exact same picture that was in the shrine so I'll scan it up to share:

It's not the best quality I'm afraid but it will have to do :)

Anyways, just to the side of this portrait of Brigid was a little walk-in alcove that housed the main shrine and by the gods the energy in there packed a punch! If we had realised we would have planned going there first and the the Chalice Well just to help 'come down' from the experience of being slapped with energy, lol. It was crazy, my hands were immediately tingling and hot, swelling up just like they do when I heal and again it took me ages to ground myself. I find this happens a lot with my hands, especially since I have been healing as I've trained them to be particularly sensitive to differences in the energies I come into contact with.
I think it would be very interesting to experience the energies here at another time of the year as well, we quite fortuitously visited this Brigid Shrine, unknowing that it was dedicated to her, at 'her time' of the year it being just a scant few days since Imbolc so it is perhaps unsurprising that the energies were so strong an experience.

The White Spring is opened and run by volunteers so it's pot luck really as to whether or not it is open when you walk by. We were lucky and managed to get in to see it, but we tried every day after to go back and experience it again but found it closed each subsequent time. Just like with the Chalice Well Gardens you could drink the water, in fact there was a tap outside for you to come and fill a bottle up regardless of whether the place was open or not.


  1. now thats a nice and interesting experience

  2. This sounds really unique. I'd be worried about slipping on the wet floor!

    I love the sound of the shrine. I imagine it would have had alot of energy around it at Imbolc!

  3. ohh, that sounds so cool! I would love to visit this. I'll have to start making a list of the places I want to see if I ever make it over there!

  4. That picture of Brighid is gorgeous. But yes, I bet you were feeling the residual energies of Imbolc. How cool is that?