Tuesday, 30 March 2010

First Look

First look at the new cross stitch kit.... this is what I've done of the design which will eventually be a large portrait of Maat for my man. It's going to be his christmas pressie, and believe me it's probably going to take me that long to get it finished and then framed, but I'm really pleased with it so far. As I complete sections I'll picture them so you can see how it's going. This is definitely my most ambitious project so far but I'm really enjoying it and have been itching to start it since I ordered it.

The artwork the kit is based on is by J.P Wagner and the kit is available from Colray Crafts.

Disaster Strikes

Well, disastrous as in I have been pretty much incapacitated for the last few days. Having had my 'device' fitted and having been on a contraceptive pill for two weeks (and those things really don't agree with me in any way) I began having more funny turns last week. Not only could I not shift this migraine that had been plaguing me on and off for days but I began to recognise the signs of bouts of depression rearing their ugly head again in my life. I've only ever suffered with this when I'm under hormonal pressure, such as from the pill and post natal. Thinking to myself that I only had to stick it for a few more days I persevered but still it got worse.

I stopped taking the pill last Wednesday but it didn't help... the depression stopped but I was otherwise feeling really ill, until on the Thursday I phoned my mum at 7am in tears because I knew I wouldn't be able to look after the kids. Cursing myself, thinking that this coil was the reason for such a dramatic turn in my health I managed to stumble to the doctors and be seen.... turns out it wasn't the coil after all, but being around so many sick people in the last couple of weeks meant that I had picked up a virus that was affecting my inner ear, making me dizzy, faint, nauseous (I hadn't eaten in 3 days by this point), headache ridden and unable to do really anything other than lie down. I was told I had a type of vertigo!

Now I though, for some reason, that this was something to do with heights or something, but no... it's a condition of the inner ear where you can't balance yourself properly, pretty much rendering a person useless if they try to do anything other than lie flat on their back, and by Thursday even this was painful and horrible feeling. A course of tablets later (which I'm finishing up today) and I must say that I'm feeling nearly back to myself... as you can see I've even managed to get online for the first time in days, which feels miraculous right now when I think about how awful I felt even lifting my head off the bed a few days ago.

Needless to say I won't be taking my health for granted (like I kinda had been this last month or so) again. You only really appreciate all you can and do do when you are faced with a predicament like that when you just can't do it. My headache lifted yesterday and sitting in the bath last night listening to the deep rumbles of thunder outside helped to lift my spirits... as did my cross stitch kit, which I finally managed to work on some more after my bath. *touches wood* hopefully now I can start getting back to my normal healthy self slowly but surely and while I'm still going slowly and getting plenty of rest it feels damn good to be back on my feet and able to fend for myself.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spring is....

....here at last!

Ok, technically I've counted it as spring for a little while now, since the weather got a bit milder and the first spring flowers began peeking their heads up from the earth, but still Happy Ostara everyone!

I've had a mixed weekend and haven't really managed to do any of the things I was planning, but there is still time tomorrow to make and decorate some biscuits using the new cutters I found in a pound shop. I'll post some pics if I get round to it. As it happens I've been having to take it very easy these last couple of days, but don't worry all is ok. Male readers may not want to continue reading from here on... nothing gross or rude guys but I am discussing women's issues :p

I had a doctors appointment yesterday morning to have a contraceptive coil fitted. I've been trying to get this done for nearly a year, having decided this was the way to go for me after Ethan's birth. I'm a migraine sufferer you see, and as such my choices are a little limited, as hormonal contraceptives generally make my headaches worse and/or more frequent. However, with this coil the hormones are mainly localised, so should work out the best option. Anyways, so I went along and had this thing fitted... not the most pleasant experience in the world, but the worst of it was the cramping I had when I got home. It finally settled down, but I've been a little delicate for the last couple of days.

It's quite ironic really when you think about it... going to sort out my long term contraceptive at a time when we are celebrating fertility and the creation and growth of new life, lol. Thankfully it is now done, the cramping is over and all being well *touches wood* it'll have me sorted for the next 5 years and should help alleviate my migraines and heavy painful periods.

So I've not really been all that into celebrating in the usual way, though I have had a few moments at my altar, which I decorated before the weekend anyway. I have also been occupying myself with a new cross stitch kit that I ordered about a month ago. It was due to arrive last week, and I was getting a bit peeved that it hadn't turned up yet... unsurprisingly it arrived the day of my coil fitting while I was at the doctors... a welcome surprise to cheer me up and give me something to do and think about while I was sofa bound with a hot water bottle hugging my stomach. It is quite a bit more complicated than I had first thought, but I do like a challenge, and as I get sections of it done I'll take some pictures to show you it's progression :)

I hope you have all had an enjoyable time welcoming Ostara whatever you have been up to.

Blessings x

Thursday, 18 March 2010

5 things...

...you should ~try~ not to do:

1. go to sleep on an argument - trust me when I say this is never a good idea, you don't sleep well and the whole thing hits you twice as hard when you wake up in the morning and remember what happened the night before. Which leads me quite nicely onto...
2. regret the past - regretting the way you acted/the things you said in your past is futile, it cannot be changed (unless of course you have a nifty time machine in which case why would you be sitting around regretting things anyway?)
3. worry about the future - a tricky one I know, but again it's pretty pointless. If you're worrying about something you can control/change or act towards/against then do what you can and have faith it will turn out for the best whichever way it goes.... if you can't do anything then *shrugs* worrying about it isn't going to change or solve anything
4. ignore your intuition - gut instinct/intuition/psychic sense, whatever you want to call it we all have it to some degree and I have learnt from personal experience to never ignore it... all of the worst decisions and mistakes I have made have been down to me not listening to it, and while I don't regret my decisions, as they made me who I am, I do accept that I could have saved a lot of energy and worrying had I just taken heed of it's wisdom
5. forget to tell the people you care about that you love them - never, ever, ever do this as you never know when you'll be unable to tell or show them again. Things change so quickly in life, love is precious and is there to be shared.


Wow, looks like it's that time again, when some new blog awards are doing the rounds and I'm very proud and happy to say that I've been awarded a couple, so many thanks go out to those who awarded the latest ones to me. They are really appreciated and I'm so glad to know that you are all enjoying my blog... it means a lot :)

First up is this one from Melissa aka Equidae over at The Lotus Pages, who was also rightfully given this blogger buddy award. I certainly know that she has been a fab blogger buddy to me, but obviously I can't give the award straight back to her, lol... that would be cheating. Thankyou so much for the award!

Now I'm a rebel, what can I say :) so I'm not going to be passing this on to the full 10 people you're supposed to... I always feel really obligated to pass them on when I accept them, but sometimes I just don't have the time to find the number of reciprocants to give it to in return.... gawd, that sounds really lazy, but half the time I'm barely able to keep up with my own posting :s so I'm giving myself a rule that in the future I will pass these awards on to 3 others unless I decide otherwise.

So without further ado... I'm presenting this Blogger Buddy Award to:

Bridgett at her new look, new name blog Peek-A-Boo

Then came these little package of awards, given to me by Diandra at Short Stories and Mad Rants. So a big thank you to her...

Apparently the rules are to write a lucky fact about yourself, three things that brighten up your day and to pass the award on to your lucky number of people.

A lucky fact about myself: my lucky number is 13, and I love Friday the thirteenths, especially the ones that are my birthday, yep that's right, I was born on the 13th January, which just one of the reasons that 13 is my lucky number.

For the record though I'm not going to be passing this on to 13 people, lol *points to earlier explanation and shrugs* but hey, take away the 1 and you have a 3! Now that's what I call lucky!

Three of the best things that brighten up my day are:
1. Big spontaneous kisses and cuddles from my kiddies! How can that not brighten my day?
2. Waking up next to my man when we're actually able to see each other... yeah I know, I know, that's sickeningly soppy and very unlike me, but what can I say? It does get my day off to a good start :)
3. Carbohydrates.... yep, some people are chocolate fiends, others love sweets, for me it's carbohydrates, particularly of the cheesey (if I fancy something savoury) or fruit bun/cake variety (if I fancy something sweet).

And now for the 3 people I'm passing this joint award on to. I've decided to give them to new-to-my-radar blogs that I have only recently-ish discovered to spread a bit of blogging sunshine to them all:

A big congrats to everyone I've given these awards to. Please take them and display them with pride. Pass them on if you wish, but don't feel obliged to like I end up doing. I've given them out to you because you deserve them, not because I want you to feel a duty to pass them on :)

Love and light to you all x

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sickness and Seaside Scavenging

Sunday was Mother's Day, and having gotten back that morning from visiting my sicky man I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself. Normally I spend my Sundays with him while the kids are out with their dad for the day. Well the kids were out, and obviously he was still at home recovering from a nasty tummy virus that struck at the end of last week. Not nice at the best of times, but especially not nice when it's your birthday, hence my weekend stop over visit.

So what was I going to do with myself I wondered? There were a few options but in the end I decided to take a walk down to the beach and have a little scavenge. I've been meaning to do this for a few weeks now, but it's impossible with Ethan, as the beach I wanted to go to is a pebble one and he has to travel in his buggy thanks to his lack of a will to learn to walk :s I also knew I wanted to sit and have a meditation session down there... again not practical with a kiddy around. So off I trotted, I realised once I was halfway there that I forgot my camera, else there would have been some pics too.

It was warm and pleasant with the sun peeking out every now and again to glisten golden light over the rather calm sea. Once I got down there I found a big rock and sat with the sea lapping around my feet. It was beautiful and very calming... it's just a shame I don't get the chance to do it more often as I know if I ever move away from the sea I will really miss being so close by.

Sitting there on that rock, wishing I had something to hold onto as I meditated a hag stone caught my eye. I love finding hag stones, they're very powerful goddess symbols, gifts from the Lady herself and I usually find one whenever I go to the beach for a working. Picking it up I used it as a meditation aid, tracing the hole with my thumb and feeling my energy pour into the worn stone. I new I would find the other things I was hoping to discover while I was here. Sure enough, a few feet up the beach from where I found the stone were these little beauties, the pebbles are going to be for making talismans, I already know what they will have on them and I'll be sure to take photos of them when they're finished. The long thin piece of driftwood I'm going to use for a runic talisman, while the other two pieces will be drawn/painted on... though I'm not sure what yet.

Wandering back up the path home I then found the rather sorry looking purple crocus that had been picked and dumped on the concrete. I decided to bring it home and press it so that it would have a new home in my BOS... it will look perfect on my Faery Rune page.

When the kids finally got home I had a very welcome hug from my little girl, a bunch of flowers and a bag of handmade pressies that she had made with nanny while I was away. There was a lovely card, a big paper sash with 'World's Best Mum' on it (hand coloured by Beth) and a necklace that they had made by raiding my jewellery making stuff, lol.... happy days :)

A belated Happy Mother's Day to all you mummies out there, I hope your days were as good as mine.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Mystery Revealed...

Well it's a bit later than a 'couple of days' but I have been busy this last week. I thought it was indeed time to tell you who inspired my latest painting. First off a big thanks to all of you who commented and gave your impressions of the work.

Eoforhild and Leda Dylluan came the closest as their thoughts that it was a birds head with the moon as an eye and/or relating to light and air were pretty spot on. It is in fact a portrait of the Egyptian God Horus, of both the sky and the sun. The 'eye' in the painting is gold (though it does look more silver in my photograph because of the flash) and represents the sun. His head is that of a falcon, which is the first thing that my man picked up on when he saw the painting.

I am happy to say that he is indeed finished and drying ready to wing his way to my man's house as his birthday present :) now I've just got to see who or what is going to inspire my next work. Blessings x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Divine Inspiration

Okay, here he is. I think he's pretty much finished now... I'm taking a couple of days away from the painting with the intention to have a final feel for the energy tomorrow but I'm happy that it is what he wants and the compulsion to work with it more now is all but gone.

I had to use a flash to pick up some of the colouring and detail, particularly in the background, for you to see, though as usual it looks much better and richer in the flesh. So what do you think? If you want to take a stab at guessing the pantheon and/or God it is of then please pop your ideas in the comments and I'll tell you all who he is in a couple of days time. Also if you want to comment just on the painting itself then please do.

Blessings x

Monday, 1 March 2010

A Little Experiment... Please Help :)

I was painting the other day... a kind of experimental piece to get me back onto the painting 'frequency' when I was visited by a deity. This is not unusual for me, I feel the presences of the deities I work with around me at different points for different reasons as well as that of my guides. What was strange is that this was one I have never really worked with before, in actual fact it was one from the pantheon that my man works with.

Strange enough as that is, I also knew with certainty that he had been working with his deities the day prior and that this visitation was as a result of it. Along with a rather nifty chant going round and round in my head of deity and angelic names I took out a new canvas and began to sketch what was asked of me.

Now there's a reason why I'm being so cryptic... the painting won't take long to be finished, it's just coming together so nicely as he (and 'he' is the only information I'm giving on said deity) knows exactly what he wants me to do, and when I post up a picture of it I would really like to conduct a little experiment. I would like you, my lovely bloggers, to tell me what you think of it and see if you can tell which God inspired it... just for fun of course :)