Thursday, 18 March 2010


Wow, looks like it's that time again, when some new blog awards are doing the rounds and I'm very proud and happy to say that I've been awarded a couple, so many thanks go out to those who awarded the latest ones to me. They are really appreciated and I'm so glad to know that you are all enjoying my blog... it means a lot :)

First up is this one from Melissa aka Equidae over at The Lotus Pages, who was also rightfully given this blogger buddy award. I certainly know that she has been a fab blogger buddy to me, but obviously I can't give the award straight back to her, lol... that would be cheating. Thankyou so much for the award!

Now I'm a rebel, what can I say :) so I'm not going to be passing this on to the full 10 people you're supposed to... I always feel really obligated to pass them on when I accept them, but sometimes I just don't have the time to find the number of reciprocants to give it to in return.... gawd, that sounds really lazy, but half the time I'm barely able to keep up with my own posting :s so I'm giving myself a rule that in the future I will pass these awards on to 3 others unless I decide otherwise.

So without further ado... I'm presenting this Blogger Buddy Award to:

Bridgett at her new look, new name blog Peek-A-Boo

Then came these little package of awards, given to me by Diandra at Short Stories and Mad Rants. So a big thank you to her...

Apparently the rules are to write a lucky fact about yourself, three things that brighten up your day and to pass the award on to your lucky number of people.

A lucky fact about myself: my lucky number is 13, and I love Friday the thirteenths, especially the ones that are my birthday, yep that's right, I was born on the 13th January, which just one of the reasons that 13 is my lucky number.

For the record though I'm not going to be passing this on to 13 people, lol *points to earlier explanation and shrugs* but hey, take away the 1 and you have a 3! Now that's what I call lucky!

Three of the best things that brighten up my day are:
1. Big spontaneous kisses and cuddles from my kiddies! How can that not brighten my day?
2. Waking up next to my man when we're actually able to see each other... yeah I know, I know, that's sickeningly soppy and very unlike me, but what can I say? It does get my day off to a good start :)
3. Carbohydrates.... yep, some people are chocolate fiends, others love sweets, for me it's carbohydrates, particularly of the cheesey (if I fancy something savoury) or fruit bun/cake variety (if I fancy something sweet).

And now for the 3 people I'm passing this joint award on to. I've decided to give them to new-to-my-radar blogs that I have only recently-ish discovered to spread a bit of blogging sunshine to them all:

A big congrats to everyone I've given these awards to. Please take them and display them with pride. Pass them on if you wish, but don't feel obliged to like I end up doing. I've given them out to you because you deserve them, not because I want you to feel a duty to pass them on :)

Love and light to you all x


  1. congrats on all your arards... well deserved indeed. blessings to you and yours

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for giving me the Sunshine Award...i'm honored. :) Sorry it took me so long to come and get it...i'm having trouble getting wireless connection while the sun is shining...must be some interference. I'm getting it this morning for some reason tho. lol And i love the post on what you should not do...think i'll write those down and put them in my BOS...great reminders. :)

  3. Thanks guys :)

    @Tamara - don't worry about it, it took me all afternoon to write the post and notify all the awardees (is that even a word?) thanks to the rubbishness of my internet connection and a few erm... technical problems with blogger :s *hugs* right back atcha x

  4. Congrats to you, and thanks for the nod, Blogger Buddy! I'll get this on my blog, ASAP. I've been remiss in keeping up with these tags lately, and am overdue for a post about them!

    13 is my lucky number too! (I imagine it's lucky for plenty of witches out there!)

  5. Thank you my darling. ( Very chuffed :-)


  6. Thank you, that's really appreciated :D

  7. First, congratulations on your awards. I can say they are certainly well-deserved. Second, thank you for bestowing one on me. I love you for that (and for many other reasons too.) :)

    Sorry I'm just now getting here. :(