Thursday, 11 March 2010

Mystery Revealed...

Well it's a bit later than a 'couple of days' but I have been busy this last week. I thought it was indeed time to tell you who inspired my latest painting. First off a big thanks to all of you who commented and gave your impressions of the work.

Eoforhild and Leda Dylluan came the closest as their thoughts that it was a birds head with the moon as an eye and/or relating to light and air were pretty spot on. It is in fact a portrait of the Egyptian God Horus, of both the sky and the sun. The 'eye' in the painting is gold (though it does look more silver in my photograph because of the flash) and represents the sun. His head is that of a falcon, which is the first thing that my man picked up on when he saw the painting.

I am happy to say that he is indeed finished and drying ready to wing his way to my man's house as his birthday present :) now I've just got to see who or what is going to inspire my next work. Blessings x


  1. now that u told me yes it does look lke horus but it never crossed my mind before..

  2. It's truly amazing!The eye of light and protection. Horus' right eye is the sun, like in your painting, the left one represents the moon. Very beautiful, indeed. The perfect gift! :)

  3. Thankyou :)

    @Leda Dylluan - I never knew that... I had both gold and silver paint, had it been up to me I probably would have erred towards the silver (given the other colours in the painting) but he was quite insistent that his 'eye' had to be gold for the sun.

  4. You've caught his energy perfectly well. This is the reason why your painting is so magnetic and spontaneous, it came from the god himself!

  5. Well, although I guessed late, I wasn't too far off. :)

    Regardless, it was a stunning piece of work!