Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spring is.... at last!

Ok, technically I've counted it as spring for a little while now, since the weather got a bit milder and the first spring flowers began peeking their heads up from the earth, but still Happy Ostara everyone!

I've had a mixed weekend and haven't really managed to do any of the things I was planning, but there is still time tomorrow to make and decorate some biscuits using the new cutters I found in a pound shop. I'll post some pics if I get round to it. As it happens I've been having to take it very easy these last couple of days, but don't worry all is ok. Male readers may not want to continue reading from here on... nothing gross or rude guys but I am discussing women's issues :p

I had a doctors appointment yesterday morning to have a contraceptive coil fitted. I've been trying to get this done for nearly a year, having decided this was the way to go for me after Ethan's birth. I'm a migraine sufferer you see, and as such my choices are a little limited, as hormonal contraceptives generally make my headaches worse and/or more frequent. However, with this coil the hormones are mainly localised, so should work out the best option. Anyways, so I went along and had this thing fitted... not the most pleasant experience in the world, but the worst of it was the cramping I had when I got home. It finally settled down, but I've been a little delicate for the last couple of days.

It's quite ironic really when you think about it... going to sort out my long term contraceptive at a time when we are celebrating fertility and the creation and growth of new life, lol. Thankfully it is now done, the cramping is over and all being well *touches wood* it'll have me sorted for the next 5 years and should help alleviate my migraines and heavy painful periods.

So I've not really been all that into celebrating in the usual way, though I have had a few moments at my altar, which I decorated before the weekend anyway. I have also been occupying myself with a new cross stitch kit that I ordered about a month ago. It was due to arrive last week, and I was getting a bit peeved that it hadn't turned up yet... unsurprisingly it arrived the day of my coil fitting while I was at the doctors... a welcome surprise to cheer me up and give me something to do and think about while I was sofa bound with a hot water bottle hugging my stomach. It is quite a bit more complicated than I had first thought, but I do like a challenge, and as I get sections of it done I'll take some pictures to show you it's progression :)

I hope you have all had an enjoyable time welcoming Ostara whatever you have been up to.

Blessings x


  1. Merry ostara to you as well!

  2. Happy Ostara to you as well :)

  3. Glad you have gotten past the uncomfortable beginning of a new 'device!' I hope this is the only bit that will be a bother!

    Looking forward to seeing the cross stitch! Having seen the photos of your other work, I'm sure you'll have no troubles with it!

    Ostara blessings to you and Happy Spring!

  4. Happy Ostara to you too, hope your feeling better soon