Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ahhh... A Bit of Quiet...

The Easter holidays are over and Beth is finally back at school... don't get me wrong, I love having her home and spending time with her but the way we've been feeling these last few weeks has meant my patience has been wearing pretty thin and the holidays felt a lot longer than 2 weeks. Needless to say with the new found relative peace and quiet this end came the dreaded head cold which has hit me and the little guy pretty hard. It's the first one I've had in years... you really forget how miserable they can make you feel.

Feeling a little perkier today having got a semi-decent nights sleep last night despite my inability to breathe and the fact I practically doused my quilt cover in Olbas Oil to help with this, I had a good old clean up of the front room and set up another little meditative shrine... well it's been there a little while and needed a good clean off, but it felt nice to light a candle and some incense and have a moment with my balancing stones. The poinsettia on the left is the one my mum brought me at the beginning of December for over Christmas... much to everyone's amazement it is still going strong, though I've probably jinxed it now that I've written about it here, lol.

The black 'tray' was my little zen garden, the problem I had with it was that it was a massive temptation to inquisitive fingers... even my rather mature and sensible 5 year old couldn't resist a play. Sick of constantly having to clear up the spilt sand, not to mention having my displays wrecked I removed the sand, turned it upside down and created a little meditative shrine for my front room instead. The nice thing about it all being on this tray too is that I can just pick it up and move it to where I want to sit with it. As you can see it's simple with a  representation of the elements and a collection of crystals. There are 5 clear quartz which direct energy to the two central stones; a large piece of jet and a large moonstone which represent the male and female aspects. They are really good for helping to balance the energies in your body. You hold the black stone in your left hand and the white in your right when you meditate, which is a good practice for me as I like to hold things to rub and feel when I do exercises like that. I think it's just my tactile nature but even if I'm meditating out and about I always find it helpful and powerful to hold something whether it be a crystal, palm stone or pendant that I've brought along or something I've picked up from the area. When I go to the seafront this usually happens to be a hag stone that I've found in the area I've picked to sit.

Hopefully with our routine returning to normal again I will be able to crack on with the building of my website and get some more paintings and work done as I've been having that creative bubbling once again... that is once I've sorted out all of my stuff. My materials are in a bit of a disarray right now, but it won't take me long to get them resorted. I also need to re-pot some of my herbs and tend to the garden which has been rather neglected over the last year *sigh* so much to do!

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  1. Oh I hear you - soooooooooo nice to have school start again!

    Ooooh, what's your website going to be? Arty? I look forward to more news on that front :)

    Hope you're feeling better soon...
    good vibes x