Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Releasing Ceremony.

With it being the new moon tomorrow and what with all the stuff that has been going on I have decided that, as well as renewing my wards and house protections (which I've been preparing oil for for the past month) I'm going to hold a releasing ceremony. Certainly now that I know that that is one of the things that is happening I figured it would be a good idea to help facilitate the transitions and process of letting go. I wrote this rite today when the idea popped into my head, the wording may change during the act as I tend to ad lib quite a bit, lol, but you get the idea....

Write down all the things in your life that you recognise you need to release whether they be habits, perceptions, frames of mind, feelings.... whatever they are.... on a plain piece of paper.

Build a small fire outside (mine will be in my cauldron... little barbecue buckets work well too, or if you're doing it indoors a candle by an open window could be used)

Read through your list and really look at and understand each point, call up the feelings and see what each thing on the list is doing to you and how it is negatively affecting you.

Now burn the paper and watch as the fire releases each thing in your life and the smoke carries them to the universe to be taken care of. I wrote a chant/some wording that I will be using as I do this which is more tailored to what I know I need to release:

Past worries, issues, guilt and fear
Unhealthy and bound to me I release with cheer
In fire you burn and air you rise
My past be gone bringing truth not lies
To father sky and mother earth
I send these things for my rebirth
By earth and fire, water and air
My life I cleanse, my spirit I share.


  1. Sounds interesting. I ws going to do something like this earlier in the year. I doodled some balloons with certain words on them. I was chatting with mum and she suggested i bought some balloons and wrote the words on and RELEASED them into the air in hope of letting go. Still haven't but might try. Thanks for your visit today :)

  2. what a fantastic idea and it has come to me at the right time , i think i will do this too x

  3. What a beautiful ceremony. I hope the new moon brings you the breathe of fresh air you need.

  4. wow I so needed this. I am so glad I stumbled onto your website. thanks.