Sunday, 11 April 2010

Strangeness Going Around?

A friend of mine on Facebook asked an interesting question the other day to all his Pagan friends. I saw it today and thought it was quite an interesting theory as I know that so many of us have been going through illness and bouts of sadness and depression that are uncharacteristic and hard to shift.

He wanted to know how many of us had been feeling the same thing as he has been ill for a while now when he normally doesn't get that ill in the first place. He has been plagued by headaches, which has been something I cannot shift either at the moment and generally doesn't feel right. I too, along with many others who responded have been weak to illness, full of headaches that just don't shift through relaxation and have had other health issues. The majority of us have also been getting waves of sadness and depression, my own seem to relate to worries I have had about the past and guilt. Which is ridiculous, because I have nothing to feel guilty about and there's nothing that I am consciously holding onto from the past, though I obviously seem to be trying to let go of a lot of this stuff. But why now? and why does it seem to be happening to so many of us?

For those who are not plagued by illness or sadness of some type or another it's instead generally bad/not nice things happening around them for no real reason. The people that responded feel that they are fighting something away right now, but don't know what or why... which is just how I feel at the moment too. We all feel foggy in the head, disconnected in many ways and just generally not right.

My friend felt that this is a result of some kind of negativity being pushed on us as a whole from somewhere, that we are all sharing as a connected group of people. Another person suggested a different theory:

it's our own "negative" stuff which is being pushed out...we're putting ourselves in situations which push our buttons so to speak and we are getting rid of old behaviours which no longer serve us well...and because it's in most parts of our lives, it can seem a bit full on and we need to retreat to rest, process all these energies of transformation and transmutation. it's a big letting go of "old" to make way for "new" energy. we need to be extra vigilant now about who we spend our time with and ensuring we do what WE want first, as opposed to doing what others want. take charge of our spaces, strengthen those boundaries.
try and pamper yourselves a little... i know a lot of things seem "boring" when we are in this foggy headed state, in a lull, but enjoy salt baths with esential oils, utilise the crystals, selenite & amethyst in particular, invoke the violet flame and work with St Germaine to help transmute any "fears", catch up with friends or inspiring people once a week, go for a coffee, shop, dance, whatever puts a smile on your dial :)))) i feel this will last for awhile yet and we just have to be gentle on ourselves. if you don't feel like doing something...don't...and feel good about that. means you need to rest. don't beat yourself up...go easy, be gentle xxxx

another person suggested that perhaps this is all in preparation for the whole 2012 arrival?

Who knows... I don't feel like I'm being 'attacked' by something/someone, but then I wouldn't so much unless it was directed at me personally, which I don't believe it is.

I wanted to share this with you all, to see what you thought about it and if it's happening to you and also to show that if it is you are not alone, there are a lot of us that are recognising this right now and together we can get through it. Hopefully it will pass soon, or it's purpose will become apparent in time. Stay strong my friends, love and light to you all x


  1. No joke, I've been feeling queasy and I've been getting headaches off and on all week. I didn't say anything to anyone because I had no idea others were suffering too.
    What could be causing this? Whatever it is, I really hope it passes soon :/
    I hope you're doing alright!

  2. Getting there thanks Jon... it's been a tough week :s

    I have no idea what's going on but he had 15 responses in a couple of hours from people saying the same thing, and being someone who doesn't believe in coincidences I think something is definitely afoot. Until today I didn't either, I just figured it was me having a bad few weeks. I haven't been sleeping properly either for the last little while which is really unusual for me as I normally sleep like a log even though I dream a lot.

  3. Now that is interesting. I haven't been feeling ill/sad, but the last couple of weeks i have been having nightmares. Sometimes I remember them, sometimes they're gone within seconds (those are the worst ones) where all i remember is hearing people talking. Those ones actually got me scared to go to sleep... can't even explain it. They'd be loved ones voices but can't even explain why i was so disturbed by them. since then I've been having nightmares off and on about really sinister things. Last night I dreamt someone was controlling the stars through the sky and moving them around to control us (I'm not even into astrology!) and it was an awful, dark dream. :(
    I couldn't figure out what was causing these dreams - there's nothing out of the normal in my not-so-normal day to day existance going on to cause them, not that I can see.
    Maybe something is upsetting the collective consciousness? Maybe something in the world is trying to reach out and communicate in the only way it can???
    But i'm with you on the 'hope it passes soon' part! x

  4. I'm okay, but there is something definitely going on. Schoolmates, neighbors, family members, professors, blogger friends... everybody is complaining about something. I wonder if it has something to do with the state of the world in general: countries killing each other, humanity destroying the planet, men not helping each other out... that kind of thing sends out nasty vibes, you know?

  5. I find this truly fascinating! I have been a reader of your blog for a few weeks and first of all want to say I love it. Secondly, my best friend who lives 1000s of miles away from me and myself have been feeling really blah too. She's been sick and having a hard time shaking it. I've just felt drained. We were talking about how it felt like something pleasant was around or something was just sucking our energy for lack of a better word. I even encountered a very negative person that I would have normally stayed far away from. It makes me feel a little better that we're not the only ones going through this, but makes me wonder what it is! Thanks for posting this!

  6. These are some super interesting theories... I've been getting headaches more than usual as well as feeling kinda foggy, but I'm also trying to consciously get rid of old behaviors & habits that make me unhappy... I'm moving in the next few weeks as well, and trying to make new (good!) habits before I leave my old place for a new start.
    Hearing your friend's ideas about us getting rid of the old to make way for the new makes quite a bit of sense... Thanks for sharing! ^-^

  7. Thanks everyone for your input on this... I've added a new post with some astrological info which could go some way to explaining what's happening right now.

    And a big welcome and thankyou to The Insomniac and all my other new readers... please feel free to comment and make yourselves known, I love hearing from you guys :D

  8. Wow. I'm a witch and I've been having headaches for over a month. Some that made my stomach queasy. I haven't had depression as such, but I just moved and the new home is very happy, bolstering my emotions. I have been more sensitive, though, and I have a harder time lately getting into that state where I feel like I'm exuding love. You know, when everyone you look at, you just think, "I love you!", and you feel that connection. I have other witchy friends who have had low energy and chronic problems suddenly becoming worse. I've been having a lot of fear-based imagery cross my mind at times when my defenses are down, too, and haven't been able to figure out why. I've actually prayed about it and asked my guides to help block these types of images from coming into my mind. I'm not sure what's going on but I do think that we who are sensitive are naturally more aware when things change. And I think Magalay may be right. The state of the world is not acceptable or palatable. I think as Pagans, we really see the connections between ourselves and the rest of the world. It makes it hard to go through the day to day when we know so much is wrong. I get to feeling a little helpless when I think of it all. Maybe it's a good thing? Maybe it's the beginning of the time when we will all stand up and insist on change, and then find ways to make it happen. I'm hopeful.

  9. Interesting, I've been rundown with a lot of illness (and I too aren't normally an ill person as a rule), as has Rye, my son, and my charge. I've had lots of sickness headaches, and at the moment I have that beginning of a sore throat feeling although I've had it for a few days now so trying to fight it off with echinea and sage tea. The lack of energy is driving me nuts too; just no motivation; although I'm forcing myself to do things for the kids.

    I was kinda putting it down to an unusally long winter and perhaps starting to suffer from that and the need for warmth and sunshine... but, alas, I still generally feel blah.


  10. Very interesting post. I can relate to some of what you say and some of what your friend suggested. It would take too long to point out the things and scenarious that apply but it does as does the question your original friend asked. I too asked a good friend of mine who is a reiki master amongst other things if this is the 2012 shake up and she belives it might well be.