Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sunny on the inside :s

We've had some lovely weather here, warm, bright and sunny... unfortunately for me I haven't been able to get out and enjoy it as this pesky virus is still swarming around our house. It's hit us all now, Ethan has been rough with it over the last few days and today's latest casualty was Beth.... she doesn't seem to have it as badly as the little man though *touches wood* so hopefully she's just picked up the 'tail end' of it from him. So most of my day today has involved the constant cleaning and disinfecting of the house as one of the kids has been vomiting everywhere while the other one has been pooing everywhere... and trust me when I say that no nappy can hold the kind of stuff the poor little man has been producing over the last day or so. Top that off with the fact he is teething and has chronic nappy rash right now and I'm sure you can imagine that there's been little fun here all in all :(

The good news is that my mum surprised me with a visit this afternoon for a couple of hours which did lighten the load and give me a little respite from it all. And the wonders of the internet have managed to keep me sane at least... I seriously wonder what I would do if I didn't have access to it... it doesn't bare thinking about :s

Healing thoughts would be very much appreciated my friends and hopefully we will be able to kick this horrid illness out of our family once and for all x


  1. Hey, hello from a new reader!

    Your poor thing. Nothing more horrible than seeing your kids ill. Hope the sun starts shining for you soon.

  2. Welcome :) and thankyou... I hope so too, it's rotten when the kids are ill not to mention down right exhausting. I'll be glad to get things back to normal.