Saturday, 24 April 2010

A Quick Update

With Beth back at school, my cold on the way out and most of the downstairs tidied up out came my inspiration as a few ideas started kicking about over the last day or so... hopefully it will continue and I'll be able to really crack on and get a decent amount of work done.

There have, as always with us at the moment, been issues though. For a start Ethan has been cranky as hell and waking in the night with, what I'm guessing, is teething pains. Poor Beth, who shares a room with him has been through the ringer.. in fact the other night for the first time ever she slept in with me for the night after he woke up screaming blue murder. He did finally settle when I changed his nappy and gave him some medicine but we had a similar thing last night too though the worst of it was concentrated around when I put him to bed. I confess, part of this is probably my fault too as I had been tweeking his routine a little to work better around school runs and stuff and with the hope that he would settle down better at night when I put him to bed... doesn't look like it's working though so I'm going to see how he goes today back in his 'old' routine. If it improves at least I'll know that this is what's right for him.

It's also going to be a visit to the doctors again for me :( looks like my coil isn't in place properly so I'm going to have to have it removed and a new one put it... oh the joy... not so much looking forward to that but we'll see what the doctor says when I see her next week. I'm willing to give it another try as I do think it will work the best for me, but if it expels or partially expels again I'm going to have to rethink my options... which are decidedly few and far between. I don't really know that there's that much left open to me... it's just been a total nightmare this whole contraceptive issue.

That's about it here, it's been pretty quite otherwise. Me and my man are hoping to take the kids to the Hastings Jack in the Green Festival this year on Monday 3rd May. It looks like it'll be pretty good, I've never been and we all want to go so with any luck... health and work permitting... that's the plan for the bank holiday next weekend.

Have a good weekend guys x


  1. I wish you a good weekend. we just got back from 2 nights from our sister island and it was bliss!

  2. That sucks about having to get a whole new coil put in! I really hope everything goes well!
    I hope your weekend's been great!